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Anku Richard Effe (Executive Director)
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Ansel Ashby (United State Director)
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Humanity and Community Development Projects (HCDP) are organized to bring together, under one roof, a variety of services aimed at enabling social inclusion through necessary support and prevention initiatives. 
People in developing countries are full of vitality, intelligence and hopes for achieving a better life.  Humanity and Community Development Projects (HCDP) are synonymous to highways that lead them to development, progress and well-being, so that they can help us build a just society -more equal, but most of all, more inclusive. As an organization of volunteers and supporters of these communities, we aim to improve both the lives of the people we work with and our own, by experiencing life and seeing the world in an entirely new way, volunteers often feel they've taken more away from the experience.
Humanity and Community Development Projects have various projects that they execute annually. As a humanitarian organization with a principal focus to bring a change into the lives of the less endowed in poor communities, it considers you as part of this great community transformation process.
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Community Development
Travel and Tour
We have various educational programs already in progress in some of the communities.
HCDP recognizes that access to information hold the key to the employment of marginalized people, particularly youth and women.......... Read More
clinics around with experience nurses and doctors so as to improve upon or fully get into their professions. Volunteers will also have the chance of watching surgeries and other complicated hospital activities....... Read More
HCDP has also put up a team of medical technicians to help sick indigenes through medical assistance.
Volunteers will have the opportunity of working at the hospitals and
HCDP also has the objective to provide moderate shelter to indigenes and families deprived of their homes. Capable volunteers can also help to renovate some broken houses in the community.
Volunteers can also get involved in construction of a new single room apartment to replace the broken once with both toilet and bathroom facilities. The estimated amount for the construction of these apartment is 3,915 Ghc which is equivalent to 2,700 US Dollars...........Read More
For our volunteer who wishes to know a lot about our country, there is a travel and tour project  alongside  a camping projects to help them know about the Ghanaian culture and also give them the opportunity to learn and appreciate the nitty-gritty’s of the Ghanaian languages.
However, the visit to any of these places will be at the expense of the volunteer, except the tourist attractions located in the Volta Region of Ghana such as:
·Wli Agumatsa water falls
·Afadjato Mountain (The highest Mountain in Ghana)
·Monkey Sanctuary ..........Read More
Particular emphases are laid on the teaching of basic school subjects and ICT. This also serves as an impetus to empower the youth in community development services.
Camping Projects
The camping accomodation is a very special kind of housing just for some few days to carry out particular projects like......... Read More
pursuit of life if society does not benefit from my deposit of knowledge.
My decision to transverse the African Continent started from Ghana and it was a torn out of passion to see life at the slip side.
Read More.............

My Story
Ansel Ashby-USA, Verginia
I had always known that there is no fulfillment nor accomplishment in the
Humanity Community Development Projects
Humanity and Community Development Projects
Assist & Tour...
You can volunteer with us and never have to worry about not knowing the local language. there are many dialects spoken in Ghana, but HCDP runs its projects mostly in the Volta region where Ewe is the local language spoken.
Above is a video tutorial clip on the Ewe language