Ways to Prevent Landslides

Landslides usually occur in the region where there are many slopes with slopes above 45 degrees, although it is also possible that it can also occur on flat land but the chances are smaller. For this reason, ahead of the peak of the rainy season, the government has prepared disaster preparedness centers in many landslide subscription sites. The community has also been repeatedly asked to be aware of and learn the sign of a longsor land occurring.

How to avoid landslides?
To avoid landslides, we must know the ways and efforts that must be done to prevent the occurrence of landslides. Indeed, we as humans cannot stop the occurrence of disasters 100 percent, but at least by doing preventive efforts early on will reduce the risks and impacts that will be caused.
Here are ways or efforts we can do in various ways to prevent landslides:

1. Don’t Make a Pool or Rice Field on a Slope

When we will make a pond or paddy field on the slope it is very strived not to make it because it will increase the chances of landslides. With the existence of steep cliffs especially on bare land while on top of that there are also ponds and rice fields that are filled with water certainly makes hydrostatic power stronger pressing the surface of the soil so that the soil is susceptible to shifting and causing landslides.
Severe conditions will occur if all the water from the rice field or pond suddenly disappears because it has been absorbed into the soil. That is what often happens just before a disaster occurs.

2. Not Building Houses Under the Cliff

For the problem of making a house, look for a location that is still relatively safe when you want to build a house. If the location is indeed hilly, choose a location that would be safe from the total extent of the soil in the event of a landslide.

3. Don’t Cut Trees Around Slopes

If the kit will cut trees around the slope, it is certainly not appropriate to cut trees that are in slopes or cliffs. Many do not know that the more trees, the stronger and more stable a soil is because the roots of these trees spread and intersect so that they can help the soil not easily landslide because it will become a soil barrier.

4. Don’t Cut the Cliff Upright

When you want to multiply the soil in large quantities for mining or other purposes, you should not immediately cut the body of the slope upright because it will reduce the ground holding capacity against the soil above it. Because even though on the slope is still filled with trees, if the cliff body has been cut deeply, the soil at the bottom will lose its support so that it will easily cause the occurrence of landslides.

5. Not Establishing Buildings Around the River

The higher the distance between the lips of the cliff against the river, the greater the chance of landslides. The occurrence of indirect soil erosion, but the land which continues to be eroded by soil erosion will cause more soil to run out around the river. And if during the process of rain in the rainy season where the river flow is very heavy and the volume is large, it is easy to erode.

6. Make Terraces

If a sloping land is forced to be used to make rice fields or fields, it is better to make a multilevel system so that it will slowly runoff when it rains. Do not forget to set drainage so that there is no stagnant water on the slope. Thus the further the potential for landslides.

7. Perform Preventive Efforts

By checking whether there are cracks on the ground, if found, immediately close the cracks with clay so that not much water enters the cracks. In addition, maintaining the preservation of vegetation around the cliff is also one of the prevention efforts that have proven effective.

8. Providing counseling to the Community

Related to landslides and the hazards that followed. Often the cause of the destruction of the forest area around is blighted because of the felling of trees by the surrounding community who do not yet have the awareness and knowledge of the negative impacts that will occur. By providing counseling, it will open up insight and awareness from the community not to do things that can trigger a disaster.

9. There must be intervention from the government

Efforts to educate the surrounding community will be more targeted when strict regulations are made regarding violations of the rules that have been set. Therefore, there must be efforts to intervene with the government or the authorities to make strict rules and sanctions for each violation. Thus, it will reduce the risk of forest damage in the slope area.… READ MORE

10 Tips for Buying a First Home

Floods during the rainy season have become commonplace . For many people, this is one good reason to find a better and safer place to live.
For others, buying your own home is a dream that motivates them to work every day. Why not? Home is a reflection of safety, security and wealth. Buying a home can be a pretty emotional process.
If you plan to buy a home in the near future, just to move to a place that is free of flooding, to fulfill your dream you have your own home, then here are 10 tips that you can see.

1. Time

Property prices rise and fall and this is influenced by various things including inventory, demand, and general economic conditions. The right time to buy a house is when property prices go down. If you find that property prices are currently high, but you expect prices to fall next year or two due to new government policies, then you might want to hold back your purchases for a moment and take more time to add savings, so you can pay more for future home advances.

2. Ask your neighbors

Nobody knows a place better than people who have lived there all their lives. Asking other homeowners in a location that you like can provide information as to what conditions are in the area. Is the area flood free? As well as the security situation in the environment. This action also helps you to build good relationships with new neighbors if you later decide to buy the house.

3. Long-term property plan

Usually, the property you buy is for your permanent residence, but have you thought of a long-term plan? If you have a plan to sell it in the future, the location of the property will have a big impact on the price assessment. Give serious consideration when choosing a location.

4. Size is important

When a spacious house becomes your dream, please keep in mind that larger sizes have a higher price impact. If faced with the choice of two prices of the same property where one is wider than the other, it would be very tempting to take a larger property, and in many cases, it would be a smart move. However, a wider property will spend more on the price of care and you will later face more expensive monthly maintenance costs as well.

5. Property rental requests

If you plan to buy a house and for rent, learn about the property rental request. Even when rental demand is high, don’t expect someone to rent your property quickly.

6. Government Ownership Program

There are several programs from the government that aim to help people to own their own homes. Research and see which one is included in your qualifications.

7. Compare home loans

Many buyers plan to take home loans at banks that they have known for a long time. But, with so many banks offering home loans, you can save a lot of money from interest payments if you take the time to compare various housing loan offers.

8. Inflation

Pay attention to inflation trends to see whether long-term housing loans (eg 30-year housing loans) are more profitable than short-term housing loans. This can make you more economical in paying interest. If the inflation is high, the number of loans that you will pay in the next year could be worth less than what is seen in the current assessment.

9. Build an Emergency Fund

Having an emergency fund becomes important when you buy a house. You will need a way to close a monthly mortgage payment if you suddenly lose the main source of income. Your emergency fund must be enough to cover a few months of mortgage payments, including household funds until you can find a new job.

10. The budget for additional funds when buying a house

You might be too focused on property prices and forget about other related funds. There are legal and tax fees that must be paid. You also have to pay an agent commission that helps you to buy the house.
Just like when making other important decisions, don’t let yourself be carried away by emotion as a first-time home buyer. Think carefully, learn everything you can, and consider all your choices, especially when arriving at a housing loan offer. A clear mind and patience will enable you to make the right decision in choosing a home and its benefits in the long run.… READ MORE

Higher Homes And Gardens (Journal)

home and gardenAutomatic Renewal Notice: After your preliminary time period, your journal subscriptions will mechanically renew annually till you tell us to cease. Many people are unaware of the fascinating impact that an illuminated backyard can have. Britain’s most beautiful inside design journal celebrates classic English model with superb homes, enchanting gardens and the latest and greatest adorning ideas. It offers a diversity of design choices for coordinating indoor lighting with outdoor illumination and for experiencing light in previously unknown sides. They have been designed, configured and developed for your home and in your garden.

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Singapore Home, Property For Sale

My contractor told me that what girls want in a new property is new and neutral. Widow’s daughter – The answer to your question depends on which state the home is in. You want to do a tiny study (attempt Google, or talk to a lawyer) to find out what the laws regarding deficiency judgments are in your state. Some private home owners are glad to share their property with a resident haunt, but other people are not so satisfied about it. Public buildings also have their fair share of ghosts, and regional paranormal groups are often named upon to investigate strange sightings and events. If you ask the individuals who bought our second property they would very probably blame us.

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Bear in mind also that you will have to pay commissions to your genuine estate agent for obtaining your home sold. Whilst weekly rentals surely produce higher rental revenue by way of the year than a much more restricted rental policy property, please be conscious that lenders need at least 20{d3f5d0751c975bb1591c29dbf8319fe05a9c169d1650ab1bf9bf2209829b5f34} down on weekly rental properties and 30{d3f5d0751c975bb1591c29dbf8319fe05a9c169d1650ab1bf9bf2209829b5f34} down on everyday rental properties (Ocean Pointe, Anglers Reef and Mariner’s Club).

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Residence And Garden News, Traits And DIY Concepts

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