Curb Appeal for Your Business

Curb appeal is just as important for your business as it is for your home. You want perspective customers to find a warm and inviting exterior as they approach your establishment. It should be a clean, attractive area that is free from danger. The following information will help you create this environment.

The Parking Lot

Begin with the spot that will be most influential on your customer’s first impression. If clients are pulling into a shabby parking lot, they may question the reliability of your business. Asphalt or cement lots are much nicer than gravel, and they can hold up against the elements better. If you are thinking about asphalt paving Pennsylvania has many asphalt companies to choose from such as Caruso & Sons Inc. Once the lot is paved, be sure to keep it looking terrific by sweeping it routinely.

The Store Front

Make sure that the front of your business is well kept. Consider re-painting or adding new siding if the current covering is peeling or cracked. Loose or missing shingles will need to be replaced as well. In addition to these structural details, you need to keep all glass windows and doors clean. Wipe away finger prints and smudges at the end of each day. If space allows, you can add landscaping across the front of your exterior. Bushes and flowers add a pop of color while creating an inviting atmosphere.

Your Entrance Way

Your entrance way will be the first welcome your customer receives. Place a non-slip rug both inside and outside of the front door. Choose a commercial grade style that will absorb water and keep patrons from slipping or falling. Keep the floors in this area swept daily. The door should be wiped down each evening before closing for a fresh appearance when the next day begins. Keep posters and signage to a minimum to avoid a cluttered feel.

By following these few simple steps you will be able to add instant curb appeal to the front of your business. Your clients will appreciate the attractive entrance while potential customers will find it to be warm and inviting. Best of all, you will be proud to be the proprietor of such a lovely business.… READ MORE