A Guide to Buying Utility Poles

It can be very hard to find a good supplier of quality utility poles. They are out there. You just need to know where to look for them. Utility poles are not all created equal. In fact, the standards with which they are made can be quite different depending on the company that is producing them. This is why you need to be very careful when you are about to buy a large number of utility poles. Otherwise, you could discover that the poles you just purchased are substandard and cannot be expected to last for a long time. Here are the steps you should follow to buy the utility poles you need.

1. Find out the name of utility pole suppliers that other companies are using.

It would be a smart move on your part to find out the names of the most popular utility pole suppliers. Why do the companies in your area choose to do business with these particular suppliers? Are they happy with the quality of the poles they are being provided with? Is their pricing fair? How did they find out about the particular utility pole supplier they are currently using? You might be able to find out the names of some excellent utility pole supplies that you were previously unaware of.

2. Does the utility pole company provide you with some sort of warranty on the poles they sell?

This is an important question to ask before you choose to buy utility poles from a supplier. Offering a warranty shows that the supplier is very confident that their poles will last for many years to come. The company believes the poles they sell will be able to withstand harsh weather conditions year after year. Therefore, it makes sense to only buy your pressure treated wood poles from a company that will back up their merchandise with a warranty.

3. Will the utility pole supplier give you a discount if you agree to buy a specific number of poles?

It is common for suppliers in certain industries to give their customers discounts if they agree to make their purchases in specific amounts. This is often referred to as a bulk discount. It would be wise to seek out a bulk discount if you will be purchasing a large number of utility poles in the future. You will be able to save a considerable sum.