Adorn Your Fireplace with Antique Tools and Accessories

Fireplaces are an ideal gathering spot on a cold winter’s night or after a long day of work. They provide a welcoming environment for family members to relax and enjoy each other’s company. With all the time spent huddled around the fireside, many people wish to make it the focal point of their home. Antique fireplace tools create an unrivaled charm that is more decorative and inviting than modern accessories. Whether you select authentic or reproduction antiques, both make a nice gift for collectors.

Proper Tools Minimize Fire Hazards

When enjoying the ambiance of a fire, nothing ruins the mood like excess smoke. A proper set of andirons eliminates this problem by improving air circulation to minimize smoke levels. Although vintage andirons are a functional tool used to keep logs secure, they come in a variety of shapes and styles. From sleek, bronze designs to ornate, gold creations, you can select a pair that matches your decor and personality.

An effective fireplace screen protects people and pets from burning embers. Some antique screens provide more security than others. Before choosing a screen design, consider your lifestyle and the level of safety you need. A brass screen with multiple panels may be necessary for those with children, while an individual panel created with stained glass may be more appropriate for adult households.

Protect wood floors from flying sparks and embers with a beautiful antique fender. A fender not only prevents fire hazards, but it also helps to keep your floor clear of debris from soot and ash. Many antique fenders produced in the 1800s are made of brass and feature elaborate designs.

Stylish Antique-Themed Fireplace Accessories

A remnant of earlier times used to store flammable materials that included wood, paper and flint, tinderboxes today are an ideal decorative item. Display one on your fireplace hearth to add a little warmth to your tile or wood flooring.

While you probably have no plans of preparing dinner over your fireplace, a hearth trivet is an interesting tool with a great deal of history. These sturdy metal stands were used to hold cooking vessels above an open fire. Some smaller style trivets can even be displayed on a wall.

Collecting and displaying vintage fireplace tools is an interesting hobby. Before starting a collection, you’ll want to locate an experienced dealer like Adam’s Fireplace Shop. Buying from a seller who specializes in antique and reproduction fireplace accessories will ensure the accuracy and quality of your purchase.