Different Types of Hydroponic Plant Grow Systems and Kits

When doing indoor gardening with hydroponically, it is important to gain a good idea to have plant growing system with different types of plant that you will be using. The type of system is totally dependent on which plants you will be growing.

Here are some techniques and systems used for hydroponic gardening.

One of the most used hydroponic techniques is deep water culture. These plants grow systems and kits keep the plant roots in a nutrient rich solution. Such techniques are best suitable for the medium and small plants that can grow well together like some leaves of lettuce, flowers, herbs etc. Now, if you are planning for growing larger plants, then nutrient film technique is best option for you. The principle is more or less same like deep water culture as the plants are fed using a thin film of solution that can flows over the plant roots. It is necessary to remember when growing larger plants that nutrients should be spread out in each plant equally that they need.

Another one is expandable drip plant growing system which is mainly used for larger plants. With similar to the deep water culture this process is mainly use for plants in a growing medium within a basket. Nutrients and water are constantly required through the growing medium to ensure that plants have a supply of nutrients at all times. Excess water is recycled in the system to save money and water. Plants that grow using this system are mainly peppers, tomatoes, pineapple and other tropical plants.

Ebb and flow growing system is similar to drip technique which works by temporally flooding the plants grow tray with the nutrient solution so that it can receive its nutrients. Here water pump is also required as the solution is pumped away back to the reservoir to be used it again. This is one type of flexible growing system where grow systems and kits are the best suitable for a wide range of plants and also growing mediums.

Hydroponic propagation system can be used for both seeds and cuttings. In most of the systems, the nutrient solution is actually pumped through a device that may be sprays the plants or creates a mist. Such mist provide you the proper levels of water, humidity and nutrients for the plants to flourish but make sure that system will allow enough oxygen for the growing plants. Mainly propagation kits are used for short term use as once any plants have developed they must need to be moved on one of the above systems mentioned above.