Explore Before You Buy

Whether you’re moving into a new home or the chairs, tables, and couches inside your home are a bit old and worn out, you’ll probably find yourself in a furniture store at some point. Before selecting the first thing that you see that matches the decorations and colors in the home or that appears to be comfortable, follow a few tips so that you don’t pay too much money and so that you get something you’ll enjoy using.

Before you visit a furniture store in Gilbert, AZ, measure the space in the home where the furniture will go as well as the door frames. There is no point purchasing furniture that you can’t get inside your house or that is going to be too large or too small for the room. If you don’t want to write down measurements, then use a piece of tape or ribbon to measure the rooms and doors, taking the material with you so that you have a clear idea as to the size of furniture that you need to get.


When you enter the furniture store, you’re going to see displays that are set up to look like rooms in a home. These pieces of furniture are often the most expensive pieces that the store has for sale, so you want to avoid these items unless you have a flexible budget. Ask if there is a basement area because this is where you’ll usually find bargains and items that are on clearance that the store needs to sell in order to make room for new pieces. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. The price isn’t set in stone, and if the store needs or wants to sell the furniture, then the manager will usually be willing to work with you on a price that is affordable.