Some people find the idea of moving out of the city and into the country to have a farm simply irresistible. However, it is a good idea for people who do not have a lot of experience to start out with animals that are relatively easy to care for. Chickens, pigs and rabbits can all provide a source of meat, along with other benefits.

1. Chickens

Raising chickens can be a great way for a new farmer to get used to caring for a group of animals and harvesting resources from them. They need a coop, water, food, and a place to run around outside during the day. There are different breeds available, and they are each good for different things. Some of them grow large and produce large quantities of meat, while others are valued more for their egg-laying capabilities. While feathers are usually considered a by-product, they can be used in a variety of ways by individuals or companies.

2. Pigs

Often considered to be dirty animals, pigs are actually quite clean when properly cared for. They are not picky eaters, although a diet consisting strictly of table scraps is not recommended. They require a pen and should have a fenced-in area to play in outside. Different types of ranch fencing Texas can be effective at keeping pigs where they belong.

3. Rabbits

Another animal that is not a picky eater is the rabbit, though feeding a balanced diet is the healthiest way to raise them. They do not require a lot of attention, so as long as they have food, water, and a secure hutch full of clean bedding, they are fine. They can provide meat and fur for personal use or sale.

Starting up a farm takes hard work and dedication, but someone who is passionate about what they are doing will find it highly rewarding.