From golf course simulators and game rooms to home theaters and gourmet kitchens, homes for sale in Austin and Luxury homes for sale Austin have amenities that can make retirement, family living, or a vacation seem like a dream come true. There are times when you’ll run into competition for shared amenities. Here are 5 ways to relieve the competition and overcrowding so everyone in your luxury home community can get along.

Talk it out

When residents in a neighborhood are overcrowded, hostilities arise, disagreements occur, and stress mounts. Communicating with a neighbor through casual conversation, polite hellos, or anything other than stony silence will reduce the discomfort of having to share a gym, exercise room, or game room with so many people.

Be patient

The idea is to be patient. If you see that other residents are in a common area at the same time a day, wait long enough for them to have their space. Likewise, you can predict your neighbor’s schedules and decide whether it’s better to wait until much later to use the tennis courts or head to the gym first thing before everyone wakes. A psychologist and author wrote in Entrepreneur that patience keeps you out of negative stories. So, wait an extra 15 minutes and you won’t have to be inadvertently exposed to negativity.

Create a sign-up sheet

Get organized with a sheet of paper or bulletin board assigning specific times for neighbors to utilize specific amenities. This method prevents arguments and eliminates unfairness while allowing each family time in the swimming pool. Ensuring everyone has a slot also makes it more likely every resident in a community can consistently have access to a variety of community amenities.

Take some days off

Studies show that taking breaks can reduce stress and help maintain performance throughout the day. So, it’s quite possible you can take a break from the exercise room and enjoy it when you return a few days later. Even household members will get edgy if they see their sources of entertainment and comfort disappear. But if you try another gym instead of this one, passing neighbors would be happy to give you a heads-up when all is clear.

Be consistent

Even on the less luxurious side, a typical laundry room facility can suffer from overcrowding and boundary issues. That’s why if you go to the gym every Friday at five p.m., you’d stir up some inconvenience and resentment if you went to the gym on Monday morning at eight in the morning. Consistency lets people adjust to you and helps keep communities organized.

You deserve the right to enjoy the amenities and great offerings in luxury homes in Austin. Yes, there will be times when you feel you may have to compete for space with others. When sharing is caring and living well means compromising, keep in mind that luxury homes for sale in Austin are always meant to provide comfort and joy in lavish real estate properties.