At the end of your garage door’s life, you will have to replace its springs. The springs are one of the most critical parts of a garage door opener. Keeping them in good condition is vital for ensuring proper performance and security. Here are six tips on how to maintain your garage door springs:

Inspect the Springs Frequently for Damage or Weakness

Inspecting your garage door’s spring is one way to ensure that it is not damaged or weakened, which can lead to a failure or even injury should it break. Spring breaks tend to happen more often during the winter months as a result of ice damage, but there are other things you should be wary about as well.

Check Your Garage Door’s Weight Rating

Be sure to know the maximum weight of your garage door. This will change depending on where you live, but it can also depend on how many people use it. Some springs cannot handle the load from a more significant or heavier garage door and may break with even a tiny amount of extra weight.

Keep Little Children Away from Your Garage Door’s Springs

Since springs are strong enough to cause injury, this means that little children should be kept away from them at all times. It is recommended that you remove a child-resistant latch on most modern openers to prevent any accidents when they get curious and try to open the garage door.

Check the Hardware and Cables for Rust and Corrosion

It is true to note that rust can build up on metal, but it is even worse when it comes to springs because of their tension. This tension could lead to a painful accident should any part of the hardware or cables become corroded or rusted, so be sure to remove bolts and screws and check them closely every once in a while.

Prevent Ice Build-Up

Ice can result in severe damage if not handled properly, especially during winter, so you should take care not to let ice form on your garage’s springs since they are located at the bottom section of your garage door, where water tends to gather. If possible, have a garage door opener that has a heating mechanism that melts ice.

Replace the Springs if Required

If you have done everything you can to maintain your garage door’s springs and they still break unexpectedly, then it is time to replace them. Various companies such as Austin’s Greater Garage Doors can assist you with this service. In most cases, your spring’s warranty will extend to its replacement, so keep your receipt just in case. You may be required to buy a new set from the same manufacturer if this happens, so try not to cut any corners with cheaper brands for parts. Consider companies that specifically deal with spring replacement, such as garage door spring replacement Austin to get quality parts.

If you want to maintain the life of your garage door springs, the methods mentioned above can help you. You can incorporate them individually or in combination to make maintenance a breeze. If your door is heavy, it’s best to get a professional’s opinion before attempting any of these methods, as they vary depending on the type and size of your garage door.