Don’t let a tight budget stop you from scheduling much-needed bathroom remodeling in a Rhode Island home! Making a few simple changes to your overall plans can mean enjoying all the stunning style and accessible storage you need, at a price you can afford.

Check out these low-cost bathroom renovation ideas you can incorporate into your remodeling project. Discuss these suggestions with your contractor so he or she can work with you to create an affordable plan you’ll love! If you need a bath remodel in RI, be sure to visit website.

1. Try Cabinet Refinishing for Bathroom Remodeling in Rhode Island

If your current cabinetry is in good condition, cabinet refinishing might be an option for bathroom remodeling in Rhode Island. Refinishing sands down and then repaints or stains cabinet materials, offering an entirely new look.

Refacing is also an excellent, budget-friendly option. Refacing replaces doors and drawer fronts, while also repainting or staining the cabinet boxes. If the current cabinet doors and drawers are outdated or damaged, refacing offers a new look but without the cost of full-scale cabinet installation.

Your bathroom renovation contractor might also suggest new hardware for your cabinets, along with refinishing or refacing. Updated handles, pulls, knobs, and other details provide lots of visual interest and are also cheaper than new cabinetry!

2. Ask About Kits for a Rhode Island Shower Remodel

Kits are an excellent choice for a Rhode Island shower remodel or new shower installation. Rather than building shower walls and floors tile by tile, a kit has floors and walls all in one piece, or in a few separate pieces a contractor can fuse together easily.

Since installing kits requires far less labor than a standard shower installation, they are a cheap and easy way to add a new shower to your space. If you must have a tiled shower wall, ask your contractor about a shower pan floor that he or she can fuse to the walls.

3. Consider Low-Cost Alternatives to Granite Countertops

Granite bathroom countertops for Rhode Island homes are a classic favorite, as granite is durable and easy to clean and comes in a wide range of color tones. However, it can also be a bit costly and isn’t the most eco-friendly option, as harvesting granite might involve lots of blasting and wasted water!

Quartz is a popular option for countertops today. Engineered quartz is made with ground natural quartz and polymer resin, for a tough and durable finish that offers lots of shine. Many manufacturers even use recycled or reclaimed natural quartz, reducing the need for virgin materials.

Poured concrete is also a budget-friendly alternative to natural stone! Concrete can be stained and buffed to a high-gloss finish, so that it mimics natural stone or even glass. Concrete is made from abundant materials including sand and gravel, which also makes it a very eco-friendly choice.

Solid surface acrylic or resin countertops are also an excellent choice for any home. These materials are durable and hygienic and come in a wide range of colors and design styles, offering a more natural look than laminate or outdated tile.

4. Frame a Cheap Mirror for an Upscale Look

One affordable shortcut many bathroom designers use to create an upscale look at a budget-friendly price is to frame a cheap mirror themselves! Purchase a plain mirror the size you need for the bathroom sink and then some crown molding for the frame. Cut the edges of the molding at a 45-degree angle to create a seamless fit, and paint or stain the pieces as desired.

Once the paint or stain is dry, attach the crown molding pieces to the mirror with construction adhesive. Ensure you use sturdy picture hangers behind the mirror and along the bathroom wall to keep it in place. This quick DIY project allows you the look of an upscale, designer mirror but without that designer price tag!

5. Use Shelving and Built-In Storage Rather than Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry can provide all the accessible storage you need in your bathroom, designed for you and your family in particular. Having cabinets custom made also allows you to pick and choose wood and other materials, hardware, and every detail about those pieces. However, this also increases your cost for new cabinets!

To help reduce this expense, consider premade shelving that might fit all those nooks and corners of the bathroom, for added storage at an affordable cost. Your contractor might also be able to knock back parts of a wall and finish the space between studs, for even more shelving and storage.

6. Cover Damaged Walls With Wainscotting

It’s not unusual for the lower portion of bathroom walls to suffer scuffs and other damage, and especially if there are children or large pets in the home! Rather than pulling out those walls and installing new drywall or other materials, you might cover those areas with wainscotting.

A wainscot is a precut material you install on the wall to add style, creating contrast between the upper and lower portions. Typically the wainscotting and upper sections of the wall are painted two different colors. Not only will this simple touch add some rich elegance to your space but it’s also an affordable alternative to replacing damaged walls.

7. Get Creative With Paint, Not Tile

The more tile you use in your Rhode Island bathroom remodel, the higher your overall cost. To create more visual interest without that expense, get creative with paint. It might take a bit of extra work but painting a stripe around the middle of the walls or other such decorative touches is much cheaper than tile installation.

Most homeowners can also create paint designs themselves, so you save on the cost of labor for tile installation as well as the tile itself! If you’re not sure of your painting skills, practice on a piece of scrap wood before tackling the bathroom walls.

All of these tips can help you finally afford needed bathroom remodeling in Rhode Island. You can also ask your contractor for even more suggestions, as he or she might also know of some simple ways to cut costs without cutting corners on your renovation project.