Home accents take many forms but serve one common purpose. They are the little unique touches that set your home apart from all others and make your design stand out from the crowd. Accents show personality and draw attention to what is different about your home. While an accent can look like pretty much anything, here are just a few ways that you can accent your home to set it apart. 


Accent walls have long been used to add a pop of something different to your rooms. Whether it’s a bold color that adds depth or an antique thin brick veneer that adds interest, an accent wall is a great way to add that little extra something to a room.


You can also accent with furniture. A large wingback chair in a contrasting color or a conversation-starter that acts as the centerpiece of a room are just a few examples. You don’t want your accent piece to overwhelm the whole space, obviously, but it can go a long way towards bringing in interest. 


Get familiar with a color wheel. Accent colors contrast and pop against the other colors in a room, and the color wheel can help to guide you when choosing an accent color, whether it’s for a wall, a piece of furniture or any other accent piece. 

These are just a few examples to get you started thinking. Accent walls are common, accent pieces in your furniture collection are a great way to make a statement and pops of color have long been used to accent a design. The most important consideration is you. How do these accents reflect your personality and your sense of style? How do these accents make you feel when you look at them? The little touches that set a house apart from all the others are what makes that house home to you.