If you’re like most people, when you find pests or wildlife in your yard, you want to remove them. After all, wildlife can cause property damage or injuries to pets or children. Before you try to remove the animals on your own, however, listen to these three things you should never do.

Do Not Seal Off Their Entry

If you catch an animal leaving the crawlspace of your home, do not seal the entry. It might be temping to seal up any holes that you find, once you think that the animal is no longer inside. What you may not realize is that there could be more than one animal living under your house.

Do Not Catch Them Yourself

Always call a wildlife and animal removal Woodbridge VA residents count on before you try to catch wildlife on your own. If you are not an experienced professional and do not have the tools to catch a life, wild animal, you could end up seriously injured. Even smaller animals can leave bite wounds that may spread bacteria and disease.

Do Not Trap and Relocate

When you find a raccoon, opossum or other animal in your yard, you might be tempted to trap and relocate it. Many people do this all of the time. They set up a live trap and then take the animal somewhere lush and green and release it. Unfortunately, when you do this, it isn’t always the best possible solution. Most people don’t know whether the animal will have conflict with other wildlife in the area that they release it in.

In other cases, the animal that they trapped was a mother and they’ve left the babies orphaned. A lot of animals will dark, quiet spaces to nest. This may be under your porch, in your attic or under your house. You do not want to relocate a mother, only to find babies later.