Clothes laid on the ground. Papers on the desk. One shoe without its partner. Do you think that’s your bedroom storage? If yes, then here are some ways to make bedroom storage affordable.

Most people associate affordable bedroom storage with big, ugly, plastic boxes or furniture from big-box stores. Greenbar Secure Storage can help you change your mind. These are some ideas to organize your bedroom in style.

Five Easy and Cheap Ways to Organize Your Bedroom

Buy Bed Risers

It’s a trick we learned in college. You know the struggle to find space in a dorm room if you live there or have lived there before. Bed risers can be a great budget option to increase your space and organize your life. Some lifts are sold in four-packs and can raise your bed as high as six inches.

Although it may not seem like much, six inches more storage space is possible. Many big-box retailers and large-box stores sell bed risers starting at $10.

Vacuum Pack Bulky Winter Items

It is no secret that down comforters, such as parkas and puffy jackets take up much space. They are essential for warmth in the winter months but they don’t serve any other purpose.

Vacuum-packing bags are a great way to store bulky winter items. It will not only save space but also make it easier to store these bulky winter items under your bed or in your closet. You can purchase bags from Walmart or Kohls for $6.99

DIY Jewelry Organizers

You know how difficult it can be to untangle necklace chains or locate missing earrings if you are a jewelry wearer. You could purchase a fancy jewelry holder from Etsy, but it is much more affordable to make your own.

You will only need a corkboard, push pins and a local art supply shop. To organize your jewelry, simply hang the corkboard up on the wall and place the pins. Necklaces, earrings and rings can be hung on the corkboard. Bracelets, necklaces, rings and bracelets are also possible.

Vertical hangers

Vertical hangers, unlike a chest with drawers that can take over too much space in your closet.

Hang up your belts and tie your scarfs. There are even vertical hangers for shoes storage. The best part? You save space and money by buying them cheaply, at around $10 per piece.

Clever Storage Spaces

Anyone who has searched Pinterest for bedroom storage ideas can tell you that repurposing everyday objects for storage is a big trend right now.

It is chic and affordable. You can find a gently used ottoman with a removable cover at your local second-hand shop, or stack a few suitcases on top to make a statement piece next to your bedside table.

It is important to find beautiful pieces that can also be used as storage.

There are other ways to store

If you’re still struggling for space after following all our tips, You might consider leasing a small storage unit at Greenbar Secure Storage.

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