The death of a relative is inevitable and sooner or later everyone faces this sad situation. More often than not, there’s someone who takes care of an ill person and when he or she passes away, all the questions related to funeral and cleaning are immediately solved. However, sometimes lonely people are found by neighbors in an apartment building weeks after the putrid smell spreads throughout the entrance. People learn about the death of their relative only after the police entered the premises. In such situations, it’s necessary to call a specialized death scene cleanup service to ensure professional cleaning of the apartment.

When it comes to cleaning the room after the deceased, there are certain rules that professional death scene cleanup service follows. You should know that it is very difficult to remove traces of decomposed body and regular airing will not help get rid of the disgusting putrid smell that has already penetrated all surfaces. Obviously, living in such a room does not meet safety standards. It is impossible to stay in it even temporarily, so cleaners who provide death scene cleanup service wear special masks during cleaning the place.

Decomposition of the corpse occurs under the influence of putrefactive microorganisms. Hydrogen sulfide and other dangerous gases are released into the atmosphere during the decomposition of organic tissues and are harmful to human health. Therefore, in the event of death at home, especially when the body is not found immediately, it is strongly recommended to call the local death scene cleanup service to eliminate the consequences of death.

There are certain factors that affect the concentration of putrid odors. The longer the deceased lay in the room, the harder it will be to get rid of it.

The key role is played by the quality of the ventilation system in the room. The warmer the room, the faster the decomposition will begin. If the room is open, odors and harmful substances will spread faster throughout the place. Other factors include the age of the deceased and their health condition, as some drugs are deposited in the body and also break down in the process of cadaveric decomposition. Some drugs, on the contrary, preserve the patient, as a result of which the body may die but not decompose. Specialists who carry out death scene cleanup service also claim that surprisingly, the durability of the smell is affected even by the materials from which the interior items are made form.

In the presence of a persistent cadaveric odor, it is better not to enter the room without wearing a respirator. You need to immediately open all the windows in the apartment and try not to stay long with the deceased.

It is strongly recommended not to clean the room yourself. The work must be entrusted to professionals who have experience providing death scene cleanup service.

Cleaning companies carry out a set of measures aimed at eliminating odor and microbes, insects and decomposing micronutrients stored indoors.

The cleaning procedure performed by the death scene cleanup service is standard. It usually includes several stages:

After the client’s request, specialists arrange the inspection of the premises and evaluate future works. This requires safety measures and the use of special equipment. Therefore, the procedure is often paid.

Upon agreeing on the scope and cost of cleaning work a client signs a contract with a death scene cleanup service. The primary task of cleaners is to eliminate the putrid odor and disinfect an apartment. Depending on the situation, the surfaces are dry-cleaned or disposed of. At the final stage of high-quality cleaning of the affected apartment, specialists throw out the garbage. It must be disposed of in accordance with safety precautions and taken to a special landfill.

Experts in professional cleaning will do their best to make an apartment where a person died suitable for living.