Important Layers Beneath Roofing Shingles

Roofs are complex structures with many parts. The appearance of your roof may be important, but its protection from the elements is determined by the quality of the materials and the installation. Each layer of your roof must be installed correctly and placed correctly to prevent water from leaking underneath.

Roof Structure and Layers

The roof structure serves several functions, including providing a barrier against the elements, protecting the house from fires, and offering stability to the roofing system.


Also known as decking, this is the base on which all subsequent layers of the roof are placed. Roof sheathing can be made of plywood or OSB. The boards and sheets are secured to the rafters to form the innermost covering layer. Sheathing provides rigidity to a roof frame and a surface on which nails and other fasteners can be used during shingle installations.


The first layer of waterproofing is placed between the sheathing and the shingles. Underlayment protects the roof against damaging elements such as snow, ice, and rain. Underlayment, also known as membrane, is required to provide the roof with a barrier that will keep it waterproof. For residential applications, underlayment such as felt, tarpaper or another type is needed. Some homes have an extra layer of ice-and-water shield.

Ice & Water Shield

This layer is designed to shield the roof in areas where water tends to collect and causes the most damage. This includes valleys, eaves, and skylights as well as the area around chimneys. Ice … READ MORE

How Does Builder’s Collaboration Improve Construction Outcomes?

Successful construction outcomes depend heavily on the collaboration between the teams involved. In construction, the partnership includes all key players working towards a common goal. All groups need to work together to achieve the best results and perform the laid-down responsibilities. If implemented, builder’s collaboration will undoubtedly improve construction outcomes in the following ways:

On-Time Delivery

Effective collaboration is a crucial factor in completing any project without delays. When teams work closely, they reduce the time to finish any task by eliminating rework and unnecessary errors. These days, home builders use construction management software for the teams to do more in less time.

No Wastage of Resources

Fewer resources- time, money, and energy- are wasted when the builders have a collaborative culture. Also, builders can buy the prefabricated materials designed to coordinate with what you need to purchase.

Boosting Accountability

In the designing phase, each team player knows what is required, materials or processes. Through leadership, project managers can control how clients’ materials are used with no cases of theft or use of substandard materials in construction.

High-Quality Results

Every builder looks forward to satisfying their clients by conforming to their requirements. Bluffton SC home builders seek to make homeowners happy by delivering quality services when building their homes. Client satisfaction cannot be achieved if there is no teamwork. Through innovations, collaboration leads to exclusive construction outcomes.

Stimulation of Information Sharing

Effective communication keeps all the key players on the same page through the smooth flow of information. Everyone … READ MORE

General Contractor in a Multifamily Construction Projects

Developing any kind of construction project is challenging. Every construction project demands specific skill sets and a thorough insight into the expectations of clients. When the project involves large-scale multifamily construction development, the challenges are multiplied. It is the responsibility of the multifamily construction companies to navigate through different circumstances and complete the project.

Miscommunication is common

Often when large-scale construction is involved, miscommunication is common, especially related to the expectations of the clients. Pro Angle Masonry Charleston provides quality and durable masonry services for homeowners and business owners alike. Moreover, several multifamily construction projects are developed as income-inducing properties. This creates more challenges, especially during the pre-construction and design phases.

Choosing the right general contractor

Any elimination in the construction process imposes a load on the time, money, quality, and profit of the business. Henceforth, choosing the right general contractor for the multifamily construction project becomes the key to success. The general contractor or GC plays a vital role in the success and failure of the project as they are responsible for the majority of aspects of the project.

General contractor in every stage of construction

A general contractor is an essential part of every process of multifamily construction projects.

·       Pre-construction stage

·       Cost modeling

·       Guaranteed Maximum Price or GMP management

·       Construction reviews

·       Sub-contractor management

·       Supplier management

·       Analyzing live cycle

·       Procuring material and equipment used

·       Safety at the job site

·       Project warranty

·       Value engineering

·       Project close-out

·       Municipality … READ MORE