3 Best Backyard Upgrades for Summer Fun

Looking to have the best summer ever with your family? By making some improvements to your outdoor spaces, and your backyard in particular, you’ll turn your home into the go-to spot for family fun. Here are three great backyard improvements that you should make this summer.

1. Install a Pool

Nothing says summer more than an afternoon of swimming. If you install a swimming pool in your backyard, your family can take a refreshing swim anytime they wish. Design your pool with fun in mind – incorporate exciting features like a water slide, pool volleyball net and a diving board. You’ll need to keep your new pool properly maintained. When you create your pool treatment strategy, don’t forget to include water testing Pittsburgh in your plans. You and your family will soon be having a splashing good time in the warm summer sun!

2. Create a Patio

Adding a patio to your backyard is a great way to lay the foundation for outdoor gatherings with family and friends. You can go the traditional route and pour a concrete patio or give this area some added visual interest by choosing irregular flagstone or brick for your patio. Set out some durable outdoor furniture and you’ll be ready for some laid-back fun in your own backyard.

3. Install a Fire Pit

Dreaming of cozy nights gathered with family and friends around a crackling fire? If you install a fire pit this summer, you’ll have an inviting space to come together and enjoy … READ MORE

3 Best Ways To Make Your Home Look More Impressive

Looking to make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood? By making some home improvements, you can turn your dwelling into a grand home that will truly impress. Here are three great ways to add some style to your home’s exterior.

1. Switch up the Surfaces

For a truly dramatic way to transform your home’s exterior, replace your current cladding with something more modern. Instead of choosing a cladding like vinyl siding, which brings down the appearance of your house, choose something more durable and attractive like stucco. Professional installers of stucco Columbus will update the look of your home’s exterior with this popular cladding material.

2. Update the Landscaping

Your home’s landscaping has a massive effect on curb appeal. Spend some time freshening up your outdoor spaces – trim back unruly trees and bushes, clear all debris and keep your lawn looking fresh and green. If you don’t have any colorful flowers planted on your property, planting small floral groupings and installing cheerful window flower boxes is a must if you want your home to look its best!

3. Modernize Your Entrances

Your exterior doors, including your front door and garage door, contribute significantly to the overall appearance of your home. Replace these doors with more modern options to have an uplifting effect on the entire exterior. If completely new doors don’t fit within your budget, there are simple ways to dress up an old door and make it look new again. Solid wood doors just … READ MORE

How to Find the Right Neighborhood For Your New Home

If you’re looking at moving, chances are there are a number of questions that are consistently running through your mind. How many bedrooms and bathrooms? What is the budget? How big of a yard should you have? Aside from the physical characteristics of a home, there is one often overlooked component that you should focus on heavily as well: neighborhood. Here are a few things to consider when looking at the right neighborhood to move into.

Distance From Work

One aspect of a neighborhood that affects your life essentially every weekday will be how long your commute will be. Often times, in urban centers, the neighborhoods that are closest to the main central business district come with the highest price points on their houses and apartments. Distance from work can be a trade-off that you take for being able to secure a larger home that is a bit further from the office.

School Quality

Whether you currently have kids or are planning on it in the future, school quality is another essential aspect that you’ll need to consider in a neighborhood. However, be aware that a very good quality of public schools is another factor that can greatly drive up real estate prices. Real estate agents Dothan AL can help you sort through striking a balance in value in terms of school quality and price.


The final metric here is livability, or basically every aspect of the home that is not the property or the distance from school or … READ MORE