Products for disinfecting furniture that death scene cleanup service uses during cleaning

Professional death scene cleanup service deal with cleaning and disinfecting all possible items and surfaces in the apartment, but disinfection of furniture is considered the most complex issue, especially when it comes to disinfection of tables, chairs, lamps, and other interior items. The most challenging thing here is to choose a suitable disinfectant and the method of its application because modern cabinets, couches, and armchairs are produced from thousands of different materials with different characteristics. Factors such as porosity, water resistance, and padding material directly affect the final efficiency of the interior disinfection process.

You should know that after the death of a person various germs, viruses, and bacteria take over the entire apartment and it’s necessary to call death scene cleanup service to sanitize floors, doorknobs, and all furniture in the room.

 Upholstered furniture is a difficult case for disinfection because not every product will work. The choice of a professional disinfectant requires a rational approach. One of the best options is to use ready-made sprays. A spray can usually fight mold, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Death scene cleanup service either sprays it onto the surface or applies it with a brush. Most disinfectant sprays contain alcohol, so be sure to test the product on an inconspicuous area of ​​tissue before use. However, there are some professional products which have an alcohol-free formulaand are actively used by the death scene cleanup service. Such products are safe for fabrics and carpets and the treatment can be carried out in the … READ MORE

Benefits of applying to death scene cleanup service to carry out cleaning after a death

The death of a relative is inevitable and sooner or later everyone faces this sad situation. More often than not, there’s someone who takes care of an ill person and when he or she passes away, all the questions related to funeral and cleaning are immediately solved. However, sometimes lonely people are found by neighbors in an apartment building weeks after the putrid smell spreads throughout the entrance. People learn about the death of their relative only after the police entered the premises. In such situations, it’s necessary to call a specialized death scene cleanup service to ensure professional cleaning of the apartment.

When it comes to cleaning the room after the deceased, there are certain rules that professional death scene cleanup service follows. You should know that it is very difficult to remove traces of decomposed body and regular airing will not help get rid of the disgusting putrid smell that has already penetrated all surfaces. Obviously, living in such a room does not meet safety standards. It is impossible to stay in it even temporarily, so cleaners who provide death scene cleanup service wear special masks during cleaning the place.

Decomposition of the corpse occurs under the influence of putrefactive microorganisms. Hydrogen sulfide and other dangerous gases are released into the atmosphere during the decomposition of organic tissues and are harmful to human health. Therefore, in the event of death at home, especially when the body is not found immediately, it is strongly recommended to call the local … READ MORE

How to remove blood stains from a mattress – tips from a blood spill cleanup service

There are many categories of stains that can ruin a mattress. Perhaps one of the most challenging substances to deal with is blood. Blood is almost instantly absorbed into the fibers of the mattress, after which it becomes very difficult to wash it off using conventional methods. People are wondering how they can remove blood stains from a mattress without spending a lot of time and effort on this procedure. Fortunately, there are many effective methods that allow you to remove blood pollution so that there is not a single trace left of them. Specialists providing professional blood spill cleanup service have shared some useful tips.

• Soda with salt. A mixture of these ingredients can be very useful if you are looking for an effective way to remove blood stains from a mattress. The method is possible to use dealing with fresh stains. It is necessary to moisten the bloodstains with carbonated water, then sprinkle with salt and leave to soak for several hours. After some time, you need to clean off the remains of salt and stains. 

• Water and soap. Although this method is considered old-school, even a professional blood spill cleanup service resorts to it sometimes. You need to take laundry soap and, crumble it into water, stir the solution thoroughly. After that, treat the bloodstains on the mattress. After the solution absorbs, you should rub it with a brush.

• Boric acid. How to remove blood from a mattress quickly and effectively? Try a solution … READ MORE