How to eliminate bad odor in a car 

There are many ways to remove bad odor in a car. For example, crime scene cleaners offer such popular services as ozonation and aromatization. It allows not only to remove even the strongest stink but also to perform complete disinfection.

Another alternative is dry fog. It helps remove unpleasant odors in any type of vehicle. It is also can be used indoors. What are the pros and cons of this technology? We will try to consider these issues in detail.

Branded fluids are sprayed with a fogger in the cabin with the doors closed. At high temperatures, these liquids resemble fog. Their composition, according to crime scene cleaners, includes only ingredients that are safe for the human body: aliphatic hydrocarbons and flavoring. The car must be well ventilated after the procedure since particles that are smaller than dust can cause allergies in some categories of citizens, children, or pets.

The process.

  • Pour the liquid into a special spray device – Fogger, or Electro-Gen;
  • add any flavor to your choice, there are also odorless liquids;
  • under the influence of high temperatures, the substance turns into the fog;

• then spray it in the car;

• wait for 30-40 minutes, then ventilate the car.

However, as crime scene cleaners state, dry fog does not replace dry cleaning and interior cleaning. 

The most important advantage is that the fumigation of the interior and its deodorization not only block the smells of rot, cigarettes, or coffee for some time but completely allow … READ MORE

How to deal with the effects of tear gas exposure

The effects of harmful riot control agents exposure usually last less than half an hour, but anyone who has ever experienced tear gas during a demonstration will tell you that 30 minutes is too long.

Exposure to these chemicals can irritate the skin, nose, and eyes, nausea, and difficulty breathing within minutes. In rare cases, riot control agents can cause long-term health complications, blindness, and even death. It is important to know how to deal with the effects ofthese chemicals exposure. 

The most effective step is to call a tear gas cleanup serviceThe staff of tear gas cleanup service canhelp you in a short time. But if you don’t have an opportunity to apply to them immediately what to do?

1. Try to avoid exposure. Avoid exposure if possible by avoiding riots, protests, and demonstrations. However, if you see that the police are putting on gas masks, or if you see that the gas has been released, then you should leave immediately.

2. Get ready. Wear clothing that covers your entire body, remembering to tighten the cuffs as tightly as possible. If you don’t have a gas mask, you can use a respirator that covers your nose and mouth. Make sure you are using filters that are suitable for use with paint thinners and other toxic gases. You can also, soak a handkerchief or any other piece of cloth in apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and cover your mouth and nose tightly with it. Put on sealed … READ MORE

How medical waste disposal services st Louis Missouri dispose of expired drugs 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for drugs has increased. Keep in mind that you should check your home medicine kit every six months, as expired medications are considered hazardous waste. 

Do not dispose of drugs in landfills, it may pollute the environment. Under the influence of the sun, moisture, temperature, bacteria, and other factors, the active substances of drugs begin to interact with each other, with the environment, releasing toxic compounds. Just apply to medical waste disposal services st Louis Missouri to avoid pollutionHowever, if you want to do it yourself, do it properly.

How to get rid of expired drugs?

If there is no possibility to apply to the professional medical waste disposal services st Louis Missouri to help you dispose of drugs, you will still have to throw them away, but you should follow certain rules:

  1. Remove them from the package;
  2. Grind the pills into a powder, and if it is a gel or liquid, dissolve in water and mix with inedible waste (earth, sand, etc.);
  3. Tightly pack in a bag or container;
  4. Take out together with other garbage.

Such simple actions will help prevent chemicals from entering the water or soil.

There is another important point to consider. Packaging for medicines is made as airtight as possible. Sometimes waterproof or light-resistant material is used to obtain perfectly protected medicines.

As you know, blisters are a mixed package made of plastic and metal. It is very difficult to separate them from each other, which … READ MORE