How water damage removal Highlands Ranch Colorado handles cleaning an apartment after flooding

When the apartment is flooded, bathrooms and kitchens suffer more often. But there are also big floods when the whole apartment (or office) suffers.

The Most Common Consequences Of Flooding

Wet walls, furniture, floors, and ceilings;

The interior decoration of the room is spoiled;

Furniture often becomes unusable;

The wiring may be damaged;

Unpleasant smell and humidity;


And other unpleasant things.

Removing the puddle after the flood is not enough for solving this problem as specialists in water damage removal Highlands Ranch Colorado state. You should dry the apartment properly, and confidently say that you know how to do it, because the main trouble comes from the moisture that has already soaked into the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, etc. It may take you 2 months or so to dry the premise, especially if the apartment is not well ventilated. During such a long period, most of the furniture may become too damaged.

First of all, it is necessary to remove excess water from surfaces of furniture, a floor, etc. All visible moisture can be removed with special pumps or cloths. Thoroughly wipe dry all surfaces in the room.

It is recommended to switch off all the electric appliances and lighting, as moisture can reach the wiring. The team of water damage removal Highlands Ranch Colorado recommends being careful. Moisture is a very good conductor of electricity.

After you remove excess moisture, you need to thoroughly dry the premise. The task is to absorb moisture from walls, floors, furniture, and … READ MORE

How to restore your furniture after flooding

How to take care of upholstered furniture

If your apartment or house fell victim of flooding, the first thing you should rescue as soon as possible is upholstered furniture because it is extremely difficult to restore if not take care of it during the first hours. We recommend calling professional services like  contents cleaning service Denver tech center CO immediately and the specialists will dry your upholstered furniture thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew. In the humid air after the flood, the fungus is ready to settle into sofas and armchairs the very next morning.

Upholstered furniture is an ideal environment for dust, dirt, odors, and mold. During a flood, it will certainly absorb dirty streams of water. You need to decide whether it is worth restoring a damp-smelling sofa or if it would be cheaper to buy a new one.

If you do not want to part with upholstered furniture, entrust your sofas and armchairs to professional companies, for example, contents cleaning service Denver tech center CO. Have them clean the upholstery, dry the cushions, replace the springs and straps, or even re-upholster the furniture.


 Rescuing mattresses after a flood is just as difficult as saving upholstered furniture. They will absorb every liquid they contact with. However, if the mattresses were not exposed to a lot of water, you can restore them.

What to do?

 1. Clean the surface of the mattress and leave it outdoors to dry in the sun. Turn the mattress so that … READ MORE

The Best Steam Cleaners For Crime Scene Cleaners

Using a steam cleaner allows crime scene cleaners to clean all kinds of surfaces, eliminate pathogenic microbes and allergens, and unpleasant odors. The operation of the device is based on the creation of hot steam, which is supplied under high pressure, so cleaning and disinfection does not require the use of any chemical cleaning agents.

When choosing a steam cleaner, crime scene cleaners need to consider the following parameters:

Power. This parameter determines the speed and quality of cleaning. Devices with a power of at least 1000 W are suitable for domestic use, which will allow them to cope with regular pollution; Steam pressure. This parameter determines the quality of surface treatment. For steam generators, the steam pressure varies from 1.5 to 4 bar inside the container.

The capacity of the tank.  This parameter determines the time of continuous operation. A small tank heats up in 20-25 seconds, but during operation you will have to repeatedly add water to it. The capacious tank heats up for 10-20 minutes, but will allow crime scene cleaners to work 30 minutes without interruption. The length of the hose varies from 1.5 to 3 meters. This parameter matters when choosing floor models. For comfortable cleaning, it is better to choose steam cleaners with a long hose.

Number of nozzles. The number and type of these elements determine the functional potential of the device. Steam cleaners must have nozzles for cleaning windows, floors, textiles and other surfaces. This parameter is very important for crime scene READ MORE