Classification of a medical tools

Reusable and disposable tools and materials:

• reusable tools (metal clamps, scalpels, forceps, spatulas, needles, etc.);

• disposable (syringes for injections, wooden spatulas, plastic ear funnels, catheters, probes, etc.).

Medical materials are items that are used in the examination and treatment of patients (protective masks and gloves, shoe covers, diapers and sheets, suture and dressing material, plasters, etc.).

There are several groups of tools and the rules for their disposal.

Syringes and needles

First of all, medical waste disposal services biloxi Mississippi remove the needles from the syringes using special devices, after which they are separately disinfected using a chemical or physical methods:

• Treatment with special disinfectants.

• Single autoclaving.

• Treatment with microwave radiation.

In order to temporarily store disinfected syringes and needles, medical waste disposal services biloxi Mississippi use sealed containers or special bags, which are additionally sealed and marked.

Surgical instrument

After use, some surgical tools must be disinfected and sent for disposal. Disinfection and recycling of disposable instruments can be carried out directly in a medical institution by specialized companies like medical waste disposal services biloxi Mississippi.

Instruments that pose an epidemiological hazard cannot be taken out of the medical facility without prior decontamination and disinfection. Any single-use instrument must be decontaminated before disposal.

Requirements for recycling activities

the disposal procedure must be agreed and approved with both the management of medical institutions and medical waste disposal services biloxi Mississippi.

There must be a special document which regulates the disposal procedure and includes the following important points:

• The use of different containers for transporting waste of different categories, because mixing different medical waste is prohibited.

• Methods for transporting medical waste to disposal areas.

• Methods of disposal.

• Instruction of employees of medical waste disposal services biloxi Mississippi who are engaged in decontamination and disposal of medical waste.

Rules for the transportation of medical waste to the place of disposal

Transportation and disposal of medical waste should be carried out by a specialized company like medical waste disposal services biloxi Mississippi. In order to ensure the safe transportation of medical waste, there are special requirements to the vehicles:

• There must be a partition between the cab and the body of the vehicle.

• The vehicle must be made of materials that are resistant to disinfectants.

• The body must be equipped with devices for fixing containers and cooling equipment.

• A special kit must be present in the vehicle so that in the event of a spill of medical waste, the driver can carry out emergency disinfection.

Medical waste is considered hazardous not only to human health but also to the environment, therefore it must be disposed of by specialised medical waste disposal services biloxi Mississippi following strict rules of collection and transportation. The procedure for disinfection and disposal of used medical tools should be clearly indicated in the waste management scheme, which is developed separately for each health facility. Health facility staff are also required to follow strict regulations regarding the collection, handling, transportation, storage and disposal of used medical instruments. When collecting, the class of waste must be taken into account.