Arranging the same house from year to year can make you and your family members bored. The busy and busy schedule of activities every day, is often the reason for not having time to refresh home decor.

But if you want to spend just one day to redecorate, it will provide a significant difference in the overall appearance of the house. No need to buy a new set of furniture, repaint or replace the curtains that take a long time and the cost is also not small.

If your budget and time are limited, just subtract it and add only certain parts. The slightest change, can provide a fresh new look in the room. Look at how to redecorate your home, with six simple tips reported by She Knows.

1. Replace One or Two Outdated Furniture

You don’t need to buy a new set of furniture to give a new feel to the room. Simply replace one of the furniture that is starting to wear out with a new one. For example, if the table in the living room looks fragile because of years of use, replace it with a small edgy or vintage style table. One small piece of furniture, does not have to make you spend big money. Look for info store furniture that is holding discounts through the internet or coming to a garage sale.

2. Mirror

Mirrors can have a big effect on your home. A large mirror will make a narrow room look wider. Besides that, the mirror can also reflect more beautiful lights, which means adding a new atmosphere to the entire interior of the house.

3. Change Light Setup

Sometimes, changing the lighting can bring big changes to the appearance of the house. Replace fluorescent lights with bright white light with softer pink or orange fluorescent lights. A soft glow of light will make the whole house look more beautiful and comfort the vision. You can place the lights above or below the paintings / pictures / photos for dramatic impressions, like those in an art gallery.

4. Put Paintings or Wall Art on the Wall

There is no need for valuable paintings of hundreds of millions of works by famous artists who must be placed on the walls of your home. Enough pictures, sketches or paintings that you like. The shape can vary. Starting from abstract paintings, comical images or retro-nuanced posters. Choose the one that best suits your home style, and place it in a pretty frame.

5. Decorate the floor with carpet

Don’t forget to update your home by decorating the floor. Choose a carpet with a unique motif, or that you like and cover your floor. Each motif and color of the carpet can have different effects on the room. Motifs with large graphic forms will make a spacious room feel closer, while small motifs with soft colors give effect to a small room that looks wider. Adjust to the arrangement of your home.

6. Book / Display Shelves

Shelves can double, as a place to store and decorate homes. You can use it to put books or displays. With simple arrangement, shelves can make your home more stylish and attractive.

7. Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows can fill the void in the room and are easily combined with other home accessories. Because it is very affordable and available in various sizes, shapes and colors, the pillow is the most appropriate and practical component for changing home decor. Pillows can be used as a component to ‘enliven’ or ‘neutralize’ decorating the room. Rooms with wall hangings or full-patterned carpets, maybe only need two medium-sized pillows with plain colors. While a minimalist room can be more play with lots of pillows, bright colors or large motifs.