When it comes to cleaning your house, you’ve probably got it down pat. You regularly sweep the floors, dust the blinds and vacuum the carpet. While you’re a pro at cleaning your home, are you remembering to maintain your household tools and appliances, so they work their best? If they aren’t working their best, then that means you’re probably working harder than you need to. Here are some things you should never forget to maintain around your home.


Vacuums come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. If you use a vacuum with a bag, you’ll want to make sure that you change the bag regularly. You might think emptying the bag and reusing it will save you money, but the bags aren’t designed for that. Also, if you use the vacuum until the bag is completely full, you could be causing your machine’s motor to run harder than it needs to, which could cause it to fail.

If you have a vacuum without a bag, then you’ll want to regularly clean the filters. Some vacuums come with industrial bag filters Va that don’t need to be changed for a long time, but that doesn’t mean they never need to be changed. Some filters can be cleaned under running water, and some have to be replaced, so make sure you check your user’s manual.


Regularly washing your mop head means that you aren’t adding more dirt and germs to your floor than you are removing. Yes, your mop head was already in a cleaning solution when you mopped the floors, but you also picked up dirt and debris, which can clog up the mop. Whether you have a mop pad that is screwed on or one that is easily removed, you need to wash it after each use for it to work at its best.

If you can simply pull the mop head or cloth off, then pull it off and clean it. You can wash it in the sink with a small amount of laundry detergent or throw it into the washing machine.

If you can’t easily remove the head, use a bucket or utility sink to thoroughly rinse and wash your mop head.


Have you ever swept your floor only to find big chunks of dirt, hair and debris falling off? These clumps are likely because you aren’t properly maintaining your broom. While brooms are designed to clean up messes, they also need to be cleaned. You can purchase a tool to run your broom fibers through, or you can simply use your hands to clean them. Removing the debris will help your broom work much more efficiently and stop the gross clumps.