Tile roofs are known for their resistance to the elements. Most roofs last 20 years or longer. You can have a roof that lasts for more than 25 years if you take care of it.

Tile roofs have their own care instructions. If they aren’t regularly inspected, they may become susceptible to cracking, loosening, and other damage. These are the top tips to extend the life of your tile roof.

Walk On Your Roof As Little As Possible

Walking on tile roofs can cause injury and damage. These roofing materials are very slippery and can be easily damaged by fasteners or simply walking on them. A roofing contractor with experience is the best choice for walking on a roof. They will be able to distribute their weight evenly to avoid cracks and prevent them from causing damage to the tiles.

After Storms Inspection

Storm damage can often cause tile roofs to suffer. If your area has been affected by hail or strong winds, you should get an inspection. Wind speeds exceeding 130 mph can cause tile damage. Hail damage, especially for clay tiles, is another reason to be concerned. A good idea is to have your roof inspected after each severe hailstorm.

Unclogging Gutters

Keep your gutters clear so that rainwater drains away from your roof. This will prevent any pooling in your tile systems. To prevent tiles from water damage, clean your gutters every season.

These top tips will help you prolong the life of your tile roof. These tips will help you make your tile roofing last longer.

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