It is not an easy thing to clean the surface of the mattress from stains, because you cannot wash it in the washing machine, but suicide scene cleanup service makes it possible to cope with stains, even if they are stubborn dirt.

For example, blood is washed off the mattress with the help of special stain removers. There are also simple household remedies that clean the mattress so that they look like new as well as professional cleaning agents that are used by suicide scene cleanup service. 

Getting ready for the cleaning procedure.

Before you start cleaning the mattress from blood stains, you need to do some preparations. You will need several clean microfiber cloths or you can also use folded paper towels.

Follow the instructions:

1. Moisten a cloth in cold water and apply a wet cloth to the stain.

2. You need to moisten the stain with a piece of cloth and diluted blood will be absorbed into it.

3. Do not rub the mattress because blood will only spread wider on the surface. 

4. Repeat the above steps until the red spots disappear.

Some tips to follow.

Under no circumstances should you moisten the stain with hot water as the blood proteins will coagulate and it will become even more difficult to wipe off the contamination.

Getting the mattress ready for cleaning makes sense if the traces of blood are fresh. However,  if the stain has already dried, call the suicide scene cleanup service and it will deal with this complex contamination perfectly.

When removing blood stains from a mattress at home, you should follow the rules:

1. Any cleaning agent must first be tested on an inconspicuous area and only then proceed to clean it.

2. Do not use a great amount of cleaning agent because it will be difficult to dry the mattress.

3. It is necessary to use white napkins. This is especially important if the mattress has light-colored upholstery as colored cloth can leave stains itself.

4. The reaction time of the stain remover must be strictly observed. If the exposure is too long, the upholstery fibers may be destroyed.

5. After cleaning is complete, dry the mattress thoroughly. 

To remove traces of blood on the mattress effectively, it’s possible to use ready-made stain removers or professional products like those suicide scene cleanup service experts use. 

Here are some of the effective cleaning products.

Vanish. It is a universal stain remover. You can buy either a powder or a solution. It is better to use the first option. The powder is diluted with water and rubbed into the stain. After half an hour, it should be removed with a damp cloth.

Another effective product is OxiClean MaxForce Laundry Stain Remover. It is an expert in the removal of blood and protein contaminants. The agent is applied to the stain and after 10 minutes it should be removed.

 Professional dry-cleaning is the most effective remedy for bloodstains on a mattress. 

For dry cleaning, a suicide scene cleanup service uses professional detergents which are not found in ordinary household chemical stores. Their composition easily copes with protein contamination of any complexity. 

Thus, if you want to remove stains from your mattress apply to the experts who deal with this problem quickly and effectively.