Rodent infestation can be hazardous for your halt and house property. Since rodents have stings and large front teeth, they tend to chew on almost everything. While property damage might be your top concern, there are some aspects you need to worry about more. For example, rodents carry harmful diseases causing bacteria and viruses in them. These microorganisms are dangerous for humans if they come in contact. So it is crucial to remove the rodent infestation around your house immediately. Whether inside your home, backyard, or garage, you do not want to live in close contact with rats and mice.

Additionally, they multiply pretty fast. So if you have a rodent infestation in your garden, it can quickly spread inside your house. In such situations, contact a professional rodent extermination service immediately.

How to deal with a rodent infestation?

  • Use humane traps¬†

You can set humane traps if you do not want to kill the mice around your house. These Traps help you catch all the rodents moving around your house but do not kill them. You can trap all the pests and leave them far away from your home.

However, you must ensure that the humane traps catch the mice in your house. For that, you will need to lay out the humane traps strategically. Identify where you see the most movement of mice or where they visit often.

Make sure you cover all these spots. Additionally, mice are also attracted to food. So keep foods with a pungent smell around those traps so they can get attracted by the scent. Foods that attract mice include peanut butter, cheese, butter, popcorn covered with butter, etc.

Remember that you need to release all the mice you trap at least 1 mile from your home where they can quickly eat food. Otherwise, the mice might return to your house if they are left near or do not have ample resources to live.

  • Use hot pepper solution.¬†

Even though rat poison is the easiest solution to get rid of a rodent infestation, it might harm pets and children. Since pets and children have the habit of eating or licking anything they find on the floor, it might be risky to keep poisoned food on the floor for rats.

If you have a pet or child, you can use a proper solution instead. Spray the concentrated pepper solution in the area where mice visit frequently but are not easily accessible to your children or pests.