There are many ways to remove bad odor in a car. For example, crime scene cleaners offer such popular services as ozonation and aromatization. It allows not only to remove even the strongest stink but also to perform complete disinfection.

Another alternative is dry fog. It helps remove unpleasant odors in any type of vehicle. It is also can be used indoors. What are the pros and cons of this technology? We will try to consider these issues in detail.

Branded fluids are sprayed with a fogger in the cabin with the doors closed. At high temperatures, these liquids resemble fog. Their composition, according to crime scene cleaners, includes only ingredients that are safe for the human body: aliphatic hydrocarbons and flavoring. The car must be well ventilated after the procedure since particles that are smaller than dust can cause allergies in some categories of citizens, children, or pets.

The process.

  • Pour the liquid into a special spray device – Fogger, or Electro-Gen;
  • add any flavor to your choice, there are also odorless liquids;
  • under the influence of high temperatures, the substance turns into the fog;

• then spray it in the car;

• wait for 30-40 minutes, then ventilate the car.

However, as crime scene cleaners state, dry fog does not replace dry cleaning and interior cleaning. 

The most important advantage is that the fumigation of the interior and its deodorization not only block the smells of rot, cigarettes, or coffee for some time but completely allow you to get rid of them. Why is this possible? The fact is that fine mist particles easily penetrate the structure of any material: plastic, leather, or fabric. After that, the complete neutralization of unpleasant odor occurs almost at the molecular level.

After aromatization, no traces remain either on the panel or on the seat covers. The particles are harmless, except if a person suffers from allergies.

Among other advantages, there are the following:

1. Affordable cost;

2. Dry fog completely neutralizes odors;

3. Persistent pleasant aroma persists for a long period;

4. The procedure can be repeated after a few months.

It should be noted that the ideal way to get rid of unwanted odors is to call crime scene cleaners. They use advanced technology and professional equipment.

Dry fog fights well with different odors.

However, this technology also has certain disadvantages:

• It is ineffective against complex stench – paint, putrid smell, alcohol, perfumes;

•It does not provide disinfection unlike crime scene cleaners;

•It will work only when the source of the smell is physically removed;

 • Long-term ventilation is required.

To keep your car clean, you should follow simple rules:

1. Have a dry cleaning performed;

2. Neutralize stubborn odors with dry mist;

3. Perform ionization or ozonation;

4. Keep the interior of the car clean.

If you have small children or pets, try to clean up after them immediately. Timely and regularly do cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or steam generator so that crumbs, scraps, dirt, and dust do not accumulate. 

Thus, if you want to remove unpleasant odor in your car, do a thorough cleaning and use dry fog.