It takes a lot of hard work and a smart marketing approach to get a cleaning company going without relying on luck. When you first started your business, be it commercial restoration services Travis County  or mold remediation services KY, you probably created a marketing plan. However, as you enter the accelerated growth phase, it’s time to rethink this plan. Marketing strategy and tactics should evolve as the company grows.

Don’t skip this step. Settling down on marketing and doing what you’ve always done is a recipe for disaster. Do you want to expand to new territories, attract larger customers, or in any other way grow beyond where you are now? Then you need a new approach. Smart marketing for cleaning companies

Here are 5 smart marketing tips to keep your marketing plan updated as you grow.

 1. Change your approach

A few years ago, marketers tried to appeal to all customers equally, no matter what services a person consumes. But it is no longer enough to use a single marketing message with all customers. The more targeted and personalized you become, the more successful you will be. If you are expanding your business and trying to target new customers, you need a deep understanding of these new customers. For example, if a company like commercial restoration services Travis County is providing its services to the office buildings and wants to focus on healthcare facilities and schools, such company will need a different advertising campaign to meet unique needs and challenges.

Entering a new market may also require a change in your message to the customer. What resonates with business owners in one city or region may not ring true in another area. For instance, commercial restoration services Travis County may advertise in social networks and it might be enough to find new clients, whereas commercial restoration services NY need to develop their website to reach a bigger number of clients.

Do a little research. You need to know the answers to the following questions: What differences do you see between your current customer base and the new one you are planning to build? Do they have unique needs and expectations? Will you be able to face new competitors, and if so, what makes you stand out? For instance if a company providing commercial restoration services Travis County is planning to expand and target private estates, it needs to know about the needs and wants of this category of clients.

Once you’ve drawn the clear picture, you should analyze how your messaging needs to change in order to target that unique promotional content to the customer. This info need updating across all your marketing channels – your website, social media pages, marketing materials, etc. Build a compelling story that illustrates how you differ from your competitors and, most importantly, how you will solve their problems and make their lives easier or better.

2. Become an expert

It’s time you made your company reputable in the cleaning industry. If you want your business to be the first which comes to mind when clients think about commercial cleaning or restoration, you need to make it clear that you are the best expert. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to gain trust. Start by focusing on “thought leadership” marketing. Create and share content (through your company website, blog, social media, etc.) that will benefit your ideal client.

Develop case studies for each new category of customer (bank, hospital, school, etc.) and explain the specific problems you helped solve. For instance, how commercial restoration services Travis County managed to renovate an office building after flooding, etc. This allows potential clients to see that you can help their particular type of business, which is important when you are not yet known as a service provider in their industry.

Take a step forward in sharing this information. Offer to speak at industry events and events targeted at your target audience. Establish yourself as a professional or expert source for industry publications. Take advantage of any such opportunity to share your knowledge of the industry and with your client base. Finally, be open to new ideas. Industry leaders are among the first to try new technologies or experiment with alternative systems. Take the lead in trying new things and share your ground-breaking achievements in press releases, blogs and social media.