How to take care of upholstered furniture

If your apartment or house fell victim of flooding, the first thing you should rescue as soon as possible is upholstered furniture because it is extremely difficult to restore if not take care of it during the first hours. We recommend calling professional services like  contents cleaning service Denver tech center CO immediately and the specialists will dry your upholstered furniture thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew. In the humid air after the flood, the fungus is ready to settle into sofas and armchairs the very next morning.

Upholstered furniture is an ideal environment for dust, dirt, odors, and mold. During a flood, it will certainly absorb dirty streams of water. You need to decide whether it is worth restoring a damp-smelling sofa or if it would be cheaper to buy a new one.

If you do not want to part with upholstered furniture, entrust your sofas and armchairs to professional companies, for example, contents cleaning service Denver tech center CO. Have them clean the upholstery, dry the cushions, replace the springs and straps, or even re-upholster the furniture.


 Rescuing mattresses after a flood is just as difficult as saving upholstered furniture. They will absorb every liquid they contact with. However, if the mattresses were not exposed to a lot of water, you can restore them.

What to do?

 1. Clean the surface of the mattress and leave it outdoors to dry in the sun. Turn the mattress so that the damp side is facing up so that the moisture evaporates as quickly as possible.

2. If it is possible put the mattress on stools, so it dries out faster. A fan or a light breeze will help. However, this technique is in vain if the mattress has already been saturated with moisture and smells of dampness. This means that mold has already appeared inside, and now you have to apply to contents cleaning service Denver tech center CO or other services in your area for cleaning.

Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture can survive even in the most terrible apartment floods. If water has not poured onto tables and wardrobes for hours, it is not difficult to restore them.

What to do?

 Clean and dry wood furniture thoroughly and then examine it. If the film has come off, or the shelf has crooked, call contents cleaning service Denver tech center CO and arrange the repair. They will help you restore the furniture, no matter how badly damaged it may seem.

Cleaning and drying help to assess how hopelessly stained furniture is. It will take you a long time to dry beds and stools to get rid of fungus and mold. If the furniture has not come into contact with water, wipe it with a fluffy towel, and then blot it with a napkin.

A big problem may only occur in one case: if the wooden furniture has been in the water for a long time. Nevertheless, true experts like those providing contents cleaning service Denver tech center CO will save your furniture. The specialists will disassemble the furniture, then treat and fix it.

You should keep the wooden furniture out of the sun and water. And specialists will help you to restore the furniture in any case.