The roof reliably protects the house from precipitation and wind. However, when the storm hits the city, the roof is the most vulnerable part of the house which can be easily damaged. Of course, it needs repairing as soon as possible, that’s why in the regions where the possibility of storms is very high, services like storm damage repair Frisco TX are in great demand.

Safety Compliance

When repairing the roof of a house, storm damage repair Frisco TX and other professional services specializing in this type of repair follow the rules for the repair work. Particular attention must be paid to compliance with safety regulations. To work on the roof, staff of storm damage repair Frisco TX needs special equipment, as well as goggles, respirators, and clothing that fits snugly to the body and at the same time does not restrict movement.

In addition, workers will need gloves made of thick fabric, non-slip shoes, for example, with felt soles. While working on a rolled roof, rubber boots are indispensable. storm damage repair Frisco TX service provides their workers with climbing equipment as well. The area adjacent to the house should be fenced off, and a special durable fabric or film should be stretched above the ground in order to protect residents from objects or materials accidentally falling from the roof.

All specialists providing storm damage repair Frisco TX services wear tools on a special belt. They also use ladders, which are fixed on the roof ridge, and construction scaffolds. A ladder to the roof can be made with your own hands, which will not require much effort. Weather conditions are of great importance for the repair work. On the modern construction market, a wide range of fixtures and tools is sold, thanks to which it is possible to restore the roof of a private household in adverse weather. But all the same, experts providing storm damage repair Frisco TX service do their work when it is warm and dry outside.

Work on the restoration of the rafter system is carried out in stages:

1. When the rafter is broken, a board is laid on the attic floor, a jack is placed on it, which needs to level the damaged part.

2. On both sides, linings are applied to the rafters, having a thickness of 32–40 millimeters and a length of at least 80–100 centimeters.

3. The lining is nailed to the rafter with long nails.

4. Holes with a diameter of 16 millimeters are created on each side, fixing bolts are inserted into them and tightened.

Depending on the roofing material, repair work has its own distinctive features. To repair the roof of a house, the covering of which is made of soft roofing, its surface must first be cleaned. the remnants of the material are removed from the damaged area. storm damage repair Frisco TX services never carry out repairs should not be carried out in bad weather. To restore a soft roof, workers prepare a hot or cold mastic. The repaired area is covered with it, a patch is laid on top and the mastic is used again.

If you need to have your roof repaired the right way, use only professional services.