When the apartment is flooded, bathrooms and kitchens suffer more often. But there are also big floods when the whole apartment (or office) suffers.

The Most Common Consequences Of Flooding

Wet walls, furniture, floors, and ceilings;

The interior decoration of the room is spoiled;

Furniture often becomes unusable;

The wiring may be damaged;

Unpleasant smell and humidity;


And other unpleasant things.

Removing the puddle after the flood is not enough for solving this problem as specialists in water damage removal Highlands Ranch Colorado state. You should dry the apartment properly, and confidently say that you know how to do it, because the main trouble comes from the moisture that has already soaked into the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, etc. It may take you 2 months or so to dry the premise, especially if the apartment is not well ventilated. During such a long period, most of the furniture may become too damaged.

First of all, it is necessary to remove excess water from surfaces of furniture, a floor, etc. All visible moisture can be removed with special pumps or cloths. Thoroughly wipe dry all surfaces in the room.

It is recommended to switch off all the electric appliances and lighting, as moisture can reach the wiring. The team of water damage removal Highlands Ranch Colorado recommends being careful. Moisture is a very good conductor of electricity.

After you remove excess moisture, you need to thoroughly dry the premise. The task is to absorb moisture from walls, floors, furniture, and ceilings. If this is not done immediately, the consequences may be irreversible.

A very effective method of dehumidification is to remove moisture with an air dehumidifier. There are dozens of different models of dehumidifiers that can dry the room in a short time.

What Do You Need To Use A Dryer To Eliminate The Consequences Of Flooding?

Each room of the apartment must be drained separately. For example, the kitchen was damaged. You will need to use the dehumidifier in the kitchen. The front door must be closed for the time of dehumidification, thus limiting the natural air ventilation.

Call water damage removal Highlands Ranch Colorado or other companies in your area to take care of your apartment. They will calculate the total area of the room and give you the necessary recommendations. Having calculated the total area of the room, choose a dehumidifier with an air exchange rate, which exceeds the volume of the room at least 4-5 times. 

Place the dehumidifier in the damaged room. Close windows (especially if the weather is wet outside) and doors. Place the appliance on a dry surface. Turn on the dehumidifier. Set the control panel to “continuous dehumidification”. Set the maximum fan speed on the control panel. In this mode, the dehumidifier is as productive as possible.

Observe the contents of the condensate tank. The first time (1-3 days) the dehumidifier will fill the tank very quickly. The experts of water damage removal Highlands Ranch Colorado recommend emptying the tank needs to be emptied of accumulated moisture regularly and on time. 

The qualified crew of water damage removal Highlands Ranch Colorado uses drying techniques that save your money and time.