Air duct cleaning refers to the cleaning of cooling and heating system components. Within homes, the air ducts need to be installed perfectly, maintained properly, and operated as required. The Forced air system cleaning targets condensate drain pans, supply and return air ducts and registers, cooling coils and heat exchangers, grilles and diffusers, fan motor, and housing unit. By cleaning the ductwork, you get rid of dust, pollen, and debris. Ductwork is located above ceilings or behind walls in most homes; hence cleaning may regularly be forgotten.

Air ducts feature the pathways for your heating, cooling, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Clean air ducts are vital in circulating the air from the heating and cooling system to the required rooms. Dirty air ducts may bring about contamination and allergies to the residents. Air duct requires regular cleaning for healthy living and preventing re-circulating. Leaks and noises from the system may portray signs of a poorly maintained AC system. Professional air duct cleaning Murfreesboro-based cleaners carry out cleaning processes in different ways, including;

  • Source removal: This is a mechanical cleaning method that eliminates dirt and debris which have accumulated over time. The cleaning method removes particles that statically clings and sticks on the duct exterior through mechanical agitation and extraction. Agitation element loosens foreign particles, while extraction entails safe removal of dust from the system.
  • Steam air duct cleaning: This method incorporates a wand that releases high-temperature steam at high pressure into the ductwork system. The high-pressure agitation loosens the dirt particles and debris on the vent walls.
  • Truck-mounted vacuum cleaning: The method utilizes an attached vacuum onto the trunk lines of the vent system. Rotary brushes are inserted into the vents to scrub and loosen debris.
  • Point of contact air duct cleaning: This method integrates a portable vacuum with a filter along with the agitation device.

Benefits of cleaning air ducts

Ensures a cleaner living environment is created: Professionally cleaned air ducts eliminate specks of dust, hence promoting clean air circulation. Dust and dirt that would circulate in the living areas and land on furniture, bedding, and floors are easily blown out.

Facilitates easier breathing: Cleaner air promotes easy breathing. Inhaling dust particles in the air may trigger coughing, bronchial congestion, and sneezing. A clean air duct boosts personal well-being.

Improves airflow efficiencyClean air conditioning system provides efficient performance and efficiency in energy saving. The air duct builds a heavy layer of dust which affects airflow efficiency.

Minimize cases of allergies and irritation: Dirty air ducts contain harmful contaminants, toxins, and micro-organisms such as mold spores. Individuals with respiratory problems and chronic allergies are susceptible to airborne particles.

Removes unpleasant smell: Stale odors in the furnace air duct develop from mold, tobacco, paint fumes, and pets. The repeated circulation of the fragrance fills the house. Air duct cleaning eliminates all odor trapping particles leading to a more fresh scent.


Indoor air pollution is a significant vulnerability and environmental health risk within most homes. Removal of dust and contaminants within the ductwork through air duct cleaning entails powerful vacuums that whisk away all debris. Dirty coils lead to the system using more energy to transfer heat.