A room contaminated with mold becomes a health hazard and everyone knows about this hazard. The fungus can appear anywhere in the apartment – on the walls of living rooms, in the bathroom, and in the kitchen. Experts in mold remediation like mold remediation services Las Vegas Nevada are there for you to take care of this disgusting fungus.

Mold is a different type of fungus that releases dangerous microspores into the atmosphere. They penetrate the human body through the pores, settle on the skin, in the lungs, on food, and cause chronic runny nose, dermatosis, inflammation of the trachea, conjunctivitis, bronchial asthma, and other unpleasant diseases. If toxins enter the blood, the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, and liver are affected, headaches appear, and chronic fatigue syndrome occurs.

Spores can enter the body through the mouth and nose. The usual reaction to the ingestion of the fungus in the body is an allergy. It most often affects the elderly and young children. The degree of the disease directly depends on each organism and its susceptibility.

Mold indoors – what you need to know about it.

Mold grows on the ceiling and walls, in the corners, and on the balcony. It starts in the bathroom, on furniture, in washing machines, refrigerators, and other household appliances.

It appears both in the old and in the new premises, even after major repairs. The first signs of mold in a room are a pungent odor and dampness. If spores quickly spread throughout the apartment and settle on things like household appliances, the smell intensifies.

When the fungus grows on the balcony, mold remediation services Las Vegas Nevada recommend insulating the floor and walls and arranging access to fresh air and heating.

Often, mold starts in washing machines, usually it affects the detergent drawer and rubber seals. At the end of each wash, it is recommended to leave the drum and the container open, turn on high-temperature washing more often, and do not forget the wet laundry in the drum.

Fungus on the walls.

Mold can appear at the bottom, at the top, or spread across the surface of the wall. If your apartment is on the first floor, and mold forms at the bottom and grows up, then the wall has poor waterproofing.

Spores are placed not only on the surface of the wall, but also in its cracks. When processing the wall with an active solution, it does not fall into the cracks. Therefore, after some time, the fungus reappears. However, professional services like mold remediation services Las Vegas Nevada know how to prevent mold from appearing again.

Fungus in the bathroom.

Black mold loves settling in bathrooms. If the temperature in it is above 15 degrees, and the humidity is over 70%, it is constantly closed and rarely ventilated – these are ideal conditions for mold to appear. A fungus is a chameleon whose color depends on the material it affects. It can easily affect a shower cabin, ceiling, silicone seals and tiles. Specialists from mold remediation services Las Vegas Nevada confess that dealing with mold in a shower cabin is the most challenging task.

Why does mold appear?

Humidity can be high after taking a hot bath or shower if there is no good ventilation. When the bathroom door is open, the moisture level drops quickly, especially you use a fan. When the door is closed, the fan does not perform its functions. Some fan models turn on and off with the light. Mold remediation services Las Vegas Nevada staff recommends opening the bathroom door wide open after taking a shower.

It’s always better to take some precautionary measures rather than dealing with mold when it has already affected the surfaces in your apartment.