Like a killer silent and hostile. Targeted. No fear and has only one mission: to kill. Many cases are announced every year, in which people do not make it. However, you can also chase away the unnecessary guests with murders. Just think of the moss on your lawn. You don’t want that at all, do you? To eradicate the moss, you will have to enlist the help of a moss killer or a lawn feed. They are two commonly used options for removing moss between tiles or, for example, weeds in the backyard between the lawn. Do you want to know what both do and how they can help to clear your lawn from moss? Then read on.

The one and only moss killer

It may sound a bit serious a killer, but a moss killer isn’t actually a person. A moss killer ensures that the moss that grows between the tiles in your front garden, for example, no longer comes up between the tiles.

The moss killer can be found in a spray can or in a large can. By spraying the moss killer on the moss, the moss will disappear within a few days or weeks. There are different types of moss killer that you could use. Because there is so much moss killer, you don’t have to worry. The moss will definitely disappear between your stones in the front yard or your patio in the backyard. All you have to do is spray a little moss killer on it and the work is done for you.

Rather natural

If you are not into a spraying moss killer, you can also provide a lawn feed. Lawn feed are granules that ensure that the leaf and root of the weeds or moss are controlled. Because the lawn feed also fights the root of the weeds, you can almost assume that when the lawn feed has done its job, the moss or weeds will not come back either. There is also no hidden glyphosate in the lawn feed. In addition, the lawn feed only ensures that the weeds or moss in your garden disappear. The lawn feed does not harm, for example, bees or other insects that are useful. So nature can just do its work, but you can enjoy a lawn without weeds or moss. How delicious is that? So you want to sit outside every day and that’s of course good to know.