Professional death scene cleanup service deal with cleaning and disinfecting all possible items and surfaces in the apartment, but disinfection of furniture is considered the most complex issue, especially when it comes to disinfection of tables, chairs, lamps, and other interior items. The most challenging thing here is to choose a suitable disinfectant and the method of its application because modern cabinets, couches, and armchairs are produced from thousands of different materials with different characteristics. Factors such as porosity, water resistance, and padding material directly affect the final efficiency of the interior disinfection process.

You should know that after the death of a person various germs, viruses, and bacteria take over the entire apartment and it’s necessary to call death scene cleanup service to sanitize floors, doorknobs, and all furniture in the room.

 Upholstered furniture is a difficult case for disinfection because not every product will work. The choice of a professional disinfectant requires a rational approach. One of the best options is to use ready-made sprays. A spray can usually fight mold, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Death scene cleanup service either sprays it onto the surface or applies it with a brush. Most disinfectant sprays contain alcohol, so be sure to test the product on an inconspicuous area of ​​tissue before use. However, there are some professional products which have an alcohol-free formulaand are actively used by the death scene cleanup service. Such products are safe for fabrics and carpets and the treatment can be carried out in the presence of people. After drying, the product does not leave marks on the surface, and it is not required to wash it off.

Wooden furniture.

It is quite easy to pick up a disinfectant for wooden furnishings because the material is chemically resistant and has low porosity. In order to economically disinfect furniture, it’s necessary to use concentrate. A specialized death scene cleanup service usually chooses a product that is not required to wash off after treatment.

Plastic furniture.

Due to the chemical resistance of modern plastic, the consumer is practically unlimited in the choice of disinfectant. For this type of material a death scene cleanup service applies the disinfectant that is ready for use, dries quickly, and has a washing and deodorizing effect.

Please note that we recommend using disinfectants for interior items only after testing the disinfectant in an inconspicuous area and reading the manufacturer’s instructions.

Remember that each case is individual and any item of furniture should be disinfected separately. It’s impossible to use the same disinfectant for all items of furniture. What’s more, there are different methods of applying disinfectants.

Everyone knows that an apartment requires thorough disinfection after the person’s death, however, each item of furniture should be approached individually. Professionals providing the death scene cleanup service should decide what disinfectants to use, and how to apply them properly not to damage the furniture. The experts in cleaning know all the cleaning techniques inside out and if you use professional services they will make sure that your furniture is properly disinfected and in good condition.