As schools return to the classroom, there are a variety of unique challenges educators are facing every day. Whether an administrator, teacher or parent, keeping schools open is a continuing challenge. Follow this guide for tips to help your school open safely.     

More Classroom Space 

The most obvious challenge to schools is ensuring that the classroom can meet CDC guidelines for social distancing. Take the time to talk to your school contractor Sacramento CA to figure out your spatial needs to create a safe learning environment. Any plan should account for the maximum number of students to guarantee every class is ready. While this project may take time, even after COVID, the extra space will help you in the future.    

Renewing Cleaning Standards 

One of the highest priorities for all educators is cleanliness, no matter the season. In light of COVID, this need for a sanitizing plan has never been larger. To help your school create a cleaning plan, take the time to talk with your school staff. Be sure to discuss about the guidelines, as well as the logistics of implementation. This discussion will help you create a standard that is realistic for your school. 

New Budgetary Needs 

Discussions in Washington keep changing, but as an educator, you need to be appraised of what budget will be available to you. Your school needs to plan for the changes in teaching methodology and what financing is available for you to use. From cleaning to virtual learning, before you set your budget, use this information to help guide your planning. This will help you plan for the year ahead, no matter what happens. 

However reopening looks, by ensuring your school is clean and safe you can guarantee a continuation of education. A little preparation in advance will go a long way as you welcome students this year.