Living in a simple home will definitely make you happy. Although, usually has a size that tends to be limited. There are many ways you can do to design a simple home design. Here are some simple home design tricks to make it look wider:

Simple Home

Arrange furniture in parallel

Given the size of the house which tends to be limited, you should not install too many screens or partitions to limit the room. You can let these rooms be integrated into one. Of course, a simple home design will look more spacious and airy.
Make sure you arrange them in parallel or on the same line. You can arrange it lengthwise and parallel to follow the direction of the sun. This one tip is perfect for those who have narrow but elongated rooms.

Pay attention to cohesiveness

Cohesiveness can also be interpreted as complementary. Make sure you apply this concept when designing a home design to make it appear wider. Cohesiveness is not only about color, but also the furniture you choose. That’s why from the start you should determine the theme of your home design. This will certainly make it easier for you to create maximum continuity. Design a house with walls that use white. The goal is that a simple home design looks cleaner and brighter.

Create high ceilings

High ceilings will make your home look wider because it gives the illusion of height. Not only that, high ceilings also allow air circulation to run more smoothly, thus providing a cooler atmosphere. It would be better if from the start you bought a house that was already built with high ceilings rather than having to renovate it again.

Install large windows and blinds

You can also install large windows for your home design. The existence of large windows can add a broad impression to the room of the house. Not only that, the house also looks brighter exposed to sunlight. To add to the aesthetics, also pair curtains and curtains that are large and high. This method can make the ceiling of your house look higher. Your simple home design will make it seem more spacious and airy.