Our lives are not attached to one specific place. We need to move from one place to another for many reasons. Most of the times we need to sell our houses to either buy a new house in another place or in the same place. When we go to sell our houses the price becomes low if it is dirty. So the look of your house matters. If you just take a little effort to clean your house before selling it you can secure a good amount of money. The price of your house can increase up to 10% to 30% from what you could get earlier.

Empty Your House: When you plan to sell your house at first you should move to your new residence and empty your old house. Take all your furniture, utensils and all your belongings and arrange them in your new house. The buyers always like to see an empty house so that they get a clear measurement. It is a bad thing to sell your house when you are still living there. You might fall into many unknown problems. Stay secure, shift to your new house, empty the old house and put advertisement for selling. The things that are unnecessary throw them into the garbage.

Sweep the Entire House: Now you should sweep the entire house with a broom. Start your cleaning from inside the rooms; remove all the small objects or articles. After sweeping the rooms sweep the outside part such as your patio, driveway, lawn, etc. Remove all the moss or plant if they have grown on the walls outside. You can use a normal broom to do this sweeping job; put some water where necessary. After sweeping now it’s time to wash it.

Wash Your House: Now you start washing the entire house. Start from inside the house and clean the floors or walls with water. The inside part you can wash easily but it is difficult to wash as the dirt is tougher outside and the area is very large. In this case you need to take the help of a machine such as pressure washer. With this device you can easily clean your patio, driveway, fence or the outer part of your house. To remove the old paint, which looks very dirty, the gas pressure washer can be of very good help. You can use an electric pressure washer to clean the inside part of your house as well in order to minimize your cleaning time.

Garbage Your Dirt: Cleaning doesn’t mean just to clean the house it also means to throw the garbage into proper place. Accumulate all your garbage in one place and throw them into the garbage bin placed outside your house. If your garbage is of great quantity contact the garbage taking persons to take them away.

Precaution: Before cleaning you should take precautions so that you don’t spoil any part of your house. There are electric outlets and wires in your house that should be handled carefully. To remove a stain or dirt you should not push so hard that the part breaks. Gear yourself up properly before you start your cleaning to avoid any kind of injury.

Spend some of your valuable time to clean and get a good price. People always want to buy clean houses so that they don’t have to spend much to clean it. To clean your house you can rent some expert who will do it nicely but will charge you a lot. Make a little effort to clean your house yourself and save your valuable money.