When setting up a cleaning company, it is important to learn about the current trends in professional cleaning and acquire a set of equipment, inventory and consumables. You should know that conventional household appliances are unsuitable for specific cleaning purposes like death cleanup. It’s necessary to purchase a powerful vacuum cleaner or steam generator able to withstand many hours of operation, capable of performing complex cleaning of premises of various sizes and purposes. When it comes to choosing a vacuum cleaner, especially for death cleanup services, it is advisable not to save on quality and buy one with several functions that can carry out dry and wet cleaning of surfaces, dry-cleaning of car interiors and upholstered furniture, remove dirt from carpets, dust, etc.

There are several brands which ensure the best quality of their products which cleaning companies can choose from.

Metabo ASA 25L PC

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a soft power cable (7.5 m), a hose (3.5 m) and fasteners for easy transportation. Wide rear and front wheels make it easy to move.


The main task of a professional vacuum cleaner is to ensuring efficiency and safety during death cleanup. This vacuum cleaner is designed for dry cleaning and collecting wet debris and non-flammable liquids. Among the advantages are a well-thought-out design and a wire of sufficient length for a wide cleaning radius. There is a compartment for storing accessories. The vacuum cleaner is powerful and quiet.

Bosch GAS 12-25 PL


This vacuum cleaner has a filtration class L and effectively removes dry and wet debris. It also belongs to the category of detergents and copes with the absorption of liquid, for instance blood, which makes it ideal for death cleanup. This is the first model of the brand which uses a patented automatic cleaning technology, which means that there is no need to clean the filter during operation. The vacuum cleaner guarantees uninterrupted and powerful work.

Karcher WD 3 P Premium


This professional equipment for cleaning any type of premises: home, warehouse, garage or workshop. The main advantage of this vacuum cleaner is its high absorption efficiency. The clients who use it for  death cleanup, claim that it does an excellent job removing both debris and biological liquids. Karcher brand provides a 5-year warranty on the device. Other advantages include simple design, reliability and efficiency.

Portotecnica Mirage Super


The Portotecnica Mirage Super washing vacuum cleaner absorbs liquids so efficiently that it is called the cheaper analogue of the Karcher. It easily copes with moisture and is not afraid of corrosion. The vacuum cleaner is made of impact-resistant plastic which is not affected by chemicals and temperature extremes. The engine is double insulated, equipped with a 2-stage intake turbine and even has an independent ventilation system. This model makes an indispensable assistant for high-quality death cleaup in a house, apartment, hotel or office.

Nilfisk TW 300 CAR


The compactness and quiet operation of this washing equipment make it an ideal tool for mobile cleaning teams. This vacuum cleaner is one of the most versatile. Its main function is professional cleaning of car interiors, buses, airplanes. The presence of additional nozzles allows using the same model for dry cleaning, collecting liquids and for cleaning carpets and furniture.

It’s impossible to perform death cleaup of high quality without a powerful vacuum cleaner. If you are running a cleaning company, you might choose any of the described models to make your cleaning services flawless.