The coronavirus which broke out in China and spread throughout the whole planet undoubtedly has a negative impact on the environment. Inspired journalists and environmentalists have already called what happened an unprecedented situation which requires immediate action. Some cleaning services like  medical waste disposal services philadelphia Pennsylvania are taking measures to reduce the dire consequences of this terrible pandemic by taking care of huge piles of medical waste ranging from gloves to COVID tests.

The coronavirus has hit the economy, people’s health, social ties and taken us into a new reality. To protect against the virus, people began to use masks, gloves, wipes and sanitizers. From the point of view of ecology, several problems immediately arose: production volumes of these items are growing, the duration of use of such protective equipment is on average several hours, after which it is difficult to dispose of them.

Medical waste associated with this dangerous virus should be disposed of according to a separate protocol by professional services like medical waste disposal services philadelphia pennsylvania. Some people do not clearly understand how they should cope with such waster as masks, gloves and tests.Most population dispose of these items as if it was regular waste, which contributes not only to the further spread of the virus, but also severely damages the environment.

The use of medical masks deserves special attention

Opinions of the expert are very contradictory. Is it worth wearing masks? If so, in what cases, which ones and how often should they be changed, does it make sense to buy a mask from a fashion designer? Meanwhile, the environmentalists claim that the coast of Hong Kong is already littered with disposable masks. Since masks are made from non-woven synthetic materials, this is especially dangerous for marine life. The environmental impact of masks, as well as gloves, wipes and empty sanitizer containers, has yet to be assessed. Even though professional cleaning services like waste disposal services philadelphia Pennsylvania are trying hard to dispose of this medical waste the right way, but it is a drop in the ocean in the global perspective.

However, it’s necessary to keep fighting with this medical waste, otherwise our planet will drown in it.

How to dispose of the medical mask correctly?

Respiratory masks are class B medical waste that poses an epidemiological hazard. Before disposal, such waste must be decontaminated, as masks and gloves can carry viruses. Waste disposal services philadelphia Pennsylvania recommend that people collect used medical masks and disposable gloves in a separate bag, pack them and dispose of them with household waste.

How to dispose of the disposable shoe covers?

Disposable shoe covers tear quickly and have a very short cycle of use. Shoe covers are made from polyethylene HDPE or PVD, or chlorine polyethylene. Shoe covers are not accepted separately for recycling. But if you remove the stretch from them, you can hand it over to the points for recycling plastic.

Try to reconsider your habits. Maybe now is the perfect time to take up the habit of responsible consumption: choose a reusable mug instead of the plastic cup, a shopper bag for shopping, try organic cosmetics and much more. Coronavirus will definitely be over soon, however new habits will remain.