Using Air Conditioner For Modern Home

An air conditioner is practically a necessity for a modern home, but how do you know what size unit to buy? An air conditioner that is too big will just be a waste of money and space, while one that is too small will have to work harder just to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. A good air conditioner installation service will be able to help you find the right unit for your home, but you should still do some homework yourself if you want to make sure that you’re making a good purchase.

Calculating Square Footage

The key to finding out which air conditioner is right for you is knowing the square footage of your home. If you don’t know this, you can calculate it by multiplying the length and width of every room in your home and adding the totals together. From there, multiply that total by 25. This will be the total BTU that you should have for your home. Even though it is technically more than you need to cool your home on an average day, but it will give you some breathing room in case you need to cool your home during a particularly hot and humid summer. You won’t need anything bigger than this, though. Like we said before, buying an air conditioner that is too much bigger than what you need will just be a waste of money and space.

Other Things To Consider

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