Who doesn’t want to have a dream home? Almost everyone wants to have a home that is comfortable, neat, and healthy at the same time. A healthy home usually has sufficient air circulation, is clean, and gets sunlight.


However, not all houses can enter sunlight. So that the room in the house becomes dark and unhealthy. In addition, the house loses electricity because you have to turn on the lights every time you move. There are several ways you can follow to make the house look brighter than before.

Use white wall paint

If the room in the house does not get light from the outside, you can use white wall paint to overcome it. This is also useful so that each room becomes more harmonious. If you want more leverage, add white cloth or light colored curtains. Avoid dark colors because it will make the room darker. This will make a pretty big difference for a brighter room.

Get rid of dark furniture

If the room is not well lit, it is usually caused by dark furniture. Therefore, it can be removed or replaced with a lighter color. The solution is to choose a white color combination and place a large glass. So that minimal sunlight can reflect from there. Another advantage is that you can add bolder and more colorful décor.

Place a mirror in a strategic room

Placing a mirror near the window will effectively reflect light throughout the room.

Mirrors are the best friend for a dark home. Therefore, place the mirror in a strategic room. Mirrors can help maximize the natural light that the room already receives. For example, placing a mirror near the window will effectively reflect light throughout the room. Especially now that mirrors have many models and shapes that can make the house seem luxurious.

Clean windows

It turns out that a clean window effectively makes the room brighter, you know. While dirty windows will make the opposite situation. This is caused by dirt and fine dust stuck to the window glass. If you live in the middle of the city, you will know how dirty your windows are. Try to clean windows every two weeks using a complete tool.