Imagine that you have opened a cleaning company, for instance, crime scene cleaners. You have hired experienced employees, bought high-quality household chemicals which are used in the work, and you are doing your best to keep the service on the highest level.  There is only one minus – there are few orders, so the invested funds hardly pay off.

It’s a no-brainer that your cleaning business needs an effective marketing strategy! In this article, you will learn how to properly advertise cleaning services in order to make a profit.

How to promote a cleaning company?

For one thing, you should determine the target audience

The mistake of many entrepreneurs is to offer cleaning services to a wide range of customers. By choosing your audience, it will be easier for you to hit the target.

Who are your potential customers?

• Companies that need regular cleaning of premises

• Administrations of shopping centers

• Owners of large apartments and cottages

• Apartment owners who need to put the premises in order after repair (one-time services)

Internet advertising

If you provide crime scene cleaners services and your main target audience is private organizations, use should effective online promotion tools:

• Search Engine Optimization

• Contextual advertising

• Promotion of the company in social networks

• Posting information about the company’s services on thematic forums

The choice of tools for advertising a cleaning company depends on your budget and the type of clients. Don’t stop at just one promotion option.

For high-quality seo-optimization, determine the relevant key queries that are needed to promote cleaning services. Create unique content: articles, illustrations, videos, etc.

To do everything right, contact a marketing agency where a team of specialists optimizes the site. Remember that low-quality promotion will only hurt the company: pages with uninteresting content, “spam” designs and an overabundance of keywords are blocked by search engines and your website with info about crime scene cleaners may be downgraded or excluded from the index. The peculiarity of crime scene cleaners is that people search for their services on the Internet only. So, you should pay maximum attention to exactly this type of promotion.

Other types of advertising

If your audience is small organizations and individuals, large-scale and expensive cleaning advertising on the Internet does not make sense. It won’t pay off. It will be enough to create a simple website with a description of the services provided by crime scene cleaners and a group on social networks like Facebook or Instagram.

Choose budget promotion methods:

• Order flyers with information about the company’s services

• Publish information on free advertising resources

• Use “word of mouth”: ask satisfied customers to leave feedback about the company’s services and recommend them to friends.

To be recognizable, you need to stand out. Think of a company logo and slogan. Create several options for text advertising for a cleaning company and place them on different sites. It is best to entrust this part of advertising to a professional marketing agency.

What else will help you stand out from your competition:

• Promotions and discounts with constant cooperation

• Eco-friendly cleaning products

• Modern cleaning equipment

• Express cleaning services

To understand how to find clients for a cleaning company and increase sales, focus on a specific target audience, test different marketing tools and choose the most effective ones.

If you are not ready to work out an advertising campaign on your own, pay attention to a ready-made business. This is a company that already exists on the market, it has regular customers and a customized marketing system.

Remember, whatever services you provide, you need to advertise them so that you can attract more clients and be ahead of the curve,