When the cleaning companies like homeless camp cleanup albuquerque new mexico start the project,  the first thing they have to take care of is removing disgusting odor in the premises. For this purpose, special cleaning products and disinfectants are used.

Disinfectants are classified according to their action on various forms of microorganisms: bactericides destroy vegetative microorganisms, sporocides destroy spores, fungicides destroy fungi, virucides destroy viruses. Chemical antiseptics are used to disinfect the skin. Bacteriostatic substances prevent the growth of bacteria without actually destroying them. In this article you’ll read about reliable cleaning products which proved to effectively kill different viruses and bacteria.


NATURE’S MIRACLE® All Floor Stain and Odor Remover is specifically designed to safely remove faecal, urine, grease, vomit and other fresh and stubborn organic stains and odors from hard surfaces with a bio-enzymatic cleaning formula. This product is very popular with the services like homeless camp cleanup albuquerque new mexico.

Thanks to the special Finish-Protect technology, the product performs a deep cleaning while protecting the floor covering, either wood, vinyl, ceramic tile or linoleum. All floor stain and odor remover can also be used on hard surfaces, pet beds and cat litter boxes. This product is ideal for stains and odors left by homeless people or pets.

 How does it work?

With its bio-enzymatic formula, Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover for All Floors quickly and completely destroys stains and odors, which seems an ideal solution for homeless camp cleanup albuquerque new mexico. For best results, this cleaning product should be allowed to dry naturally as it needs to penetrate all the cracks and scratches in the surfaces.

Hartman, Germany.

Bacillol plus bactericidal, fungicidal, anti-tuberculosis, antiviral (hepatitis B, AIDS, adeno-, papova- and rotaviruses).

The product is used to disinfect equipment, furnishings, appliances, which are made from any materials.

This cleaning solution should be sprayed from a distance of 30 cm until the surface is completely wetted, or it’s possible to wipe the surface with cloth soaked in the solution. The product is flammable! It is strictly forbidden to treat the premises with the heating devices turned on, near open flames or surfaces heated above 60-70 degrees F. It’s recommended that the services providing homeless camp cleanup albuquerque new mexico use this product in the absence of homeless people because it can be dangerous for their health.

Alcohol-based disinfectants.

Alcohol-based disinfectants show maximum effectiveness in the concentration range of 60-70%. However, treatment with alcohol-based disinfectants is more expensive than products from other chemical classes, so they are not used for complete surface or equipment treatment. Basically, small inaccessible areas of equipment and surfaces are treated with such compounds. In addition, alcohol-based products are widely used by many cleaning companies like homeless camp cleanup albuquerque new mexico to treat various surfaces.

The final result depends on the correct choice of disinfectant and technologies for disinfection. When selecting disinfectants it’s necessary to know their properties and the properties of surfaces which will be treated with these cleaning products.