Whether you work in industrial construction or wilderness safety, you’ll likely witness a situation that involves calling in a rescue team. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on one of those teams? Rescue training takes a lot of work so that any time someone calls rescuers in, the caller knows they’ll be in good hands. That’s where wilderness first aid classes and rope rescue training come in.

If you’ve ever wanted to join a team of rescuers, here’s what you can expect from your rope rescue training course.

Identification Training

No two situations are identical, even if things usually happen a certain way. In your training course, you’ll learn how to analyze the case quickly as you arrive on the scene. You’ll have to decide if you need an operations level or technical level response, then act accordingly. 

Litter Management

If your victim is at a significantly different height from your rescue team, you may have to lower or raise someone to help them reach safety. Your rope rescue training will teach you how to raise and lower a litter basket and litter attendant without putting the attendant or the victim in danger.

Simple Rescues

You may need to utilize your rope rescue skills, whether you find yourself on high or low terrain. Your class will teach you how to use those skills best to perform simple rescues, no matter how the area looks. As time goes on, your training and experience will grow, and you’ll be comfortable working a rescue in even more complex situations.

Crowd Control

Rope rescues can often cause a scene, which draws a crowd of spectators. Your job as a rescuer includes keeping anyone else from becoming a victim, so your training course will show you how to manage such scenarios.

If these sound like skills you want to learn, get started on your journey to saving lives today.