Treatment with dry fog is carried out in rooms after fires, repairs, crime scenes, suicide scenes, etc.  Dry fog machines are used by death scene cleanup service or mold remediation services in houses, apartments, nursing homes or car interiors.

What is dry fog

Dry fog treatment is known as a powerful tool that kills almost any unpleasant odor. The fog itself resembles smoke or steam that envelops the surface, however, unlike steam, it is completely dry. Dry fog spreads over the surface with the thinnest film and thus prevents the spread of an unpleasant odor throughout the room. The permeability of dry fog is 99%, which allows it to penetrate into micro-cracks  and even furniture upholstery. The main feature of this treatment is not just to mask odors, but to destroy them directly at the molecular level. And at the end of the procedure, there are traces on textiles, leather or wood. This technology is actively used by death scene cleanup service.

Where dry fog is applied:

  • Apartments and private houses;
  • Vehicle interior;
  • Hotels and hostels;
  • Office rooms;
  • Production and storage facilities;
  • Offices, medical institutions.

Eliminating unpleasant odors in an apartment with dry fog is much more effective than temporary masking with aerosols or sprays. The principle of conventional deodorants and air fresheners is to interrupt the smell, not to exterminate it. Dry fog Technology implies the irreversible destruction of the smell of rotten food, the smell of animal marks and unpleasant odors death scene cleanup service deals with.

How to prepare a room for dry fog treatment

• Keep the room clear of people and pets

• Hide food

• Eliminate the source of unpleasant odor

• Turn off the fire alarm because it reacts to dry fog

• Close all windows and doors

Benefits of Dry Fog Odor Elimination

• The speed of troubleshooting. It takes only 30-40 minutes for a death scene cleanup service to process the premises

• Dry fog penetrates into the most inaccessible places, so that the odor disappears immediately

• Dry fog is 100% safe for adults, children and animals.

• Dry fog does not leave marks, sticky marks, streaks, even on delicate upholstery

• Dry fog machine can be bought at the affordable price

Safety precautions while using dry fog.

Security measures should be observed by those who will be directly involved in the processing, for example professionals who provide death scene cleanup service.

The safety rules are the following:

  • Use protective equipment: overalls, goggles, rubber gloves (even regular medical gloves will do), a respirator (with a filter of A1P1 or above).
  • Avoid getting smoke in eyes, mouth, and it is forbidden to inhale it.
  • It is also forbidden to drink, smoke or eat during dry fog processing.

If contact with dry fog does occur, proceed as follows:

  • If dry fog gets into eyes: rinse them with water or weak (2%) sodium solution.
  • If dry fog enters the mouth, you should rinse it with plenty of water.
  • If your skin has contact with dry fog, it’s necessary to wash your skin with soap and water.

All in all, dry fog technology proved really effective when dealing with unpleasant odor and can be used by different cleaning services including death scene cleanup service.