The cleaning industry is quite a competitive niche, so the business needs to be unique. Let’s say you have it all – competent USP, well-established business processes, qualified staff. What to do next? There are several ways to promote a crime scene cleaning company.

In this article, you can read step-by-step instructions on how to promote and develop a cleaning business starting from the development of customer focus and ending with branding.

1. Create an avatar of your ideal client

You need to know everything about your clients. A crime scene cleaning company can provide services to both individuals and corporate clients. While drawing up your customer’s profile, you need to ask several questions. Which segment is your company focused on: b2b or b2c? What issues do your clients deal with? How do they solve them?

If you’re having a hard time finding new clients, it might be a good idea to first look at those who are already using your services. This will help you structure your customer information and find growth points for your crime scene cleaning company. Since running a crime scene cleaning company means providing specialized service, which can be offered to a narrow category of clients, you should focus on such people. Once you know your customer, it will be easier to tailor your marketing to people with the right preferences.

Talk to your existing customers to find out what they like about your service. If there is something they particularly enjoy, then make sure you provide the best service in your area because it is of pivotal importance.

2. Collect customer feedback

Ask existing customers who like your service to give you feedback. Ask your clients to provide as honest feedback as possible. Sometimes negative reviews can attract more clients than positive ones, however strange it might sound. The thing is that people approach different issues differently and this difference in views, opinions, and approaches can be beneficial for you. What’s more, you can write your comment to the negative review saying why exactly the problem might have happened and how you managed to deal with it or why you couldn’t solve it. The new clients will see your methods of work and make a decision whether to collaborate with your crime scene cleaning company or start looking for another one.

3. Consider branding and naming

If you don’t have a visual identity yet but want to expand your business, this should be one of the first things to focus on. Of course, you should do it professionally. The image of your company and the image of the cleaner – your employee – should match your niche and the way your customers see you.

If you have determined that customers like you because you use environmentally friendly cleaning products, or your clients can rely on you in terms of confidentiality, include this in the brand of your crime scene cleaning company. Think about the logo and company colors. Thoroughly analyze your competitors to be unique. And think carefully about the name of your business. Your crime scene cleaning company will be a market leader if you approach the branding and marketing strategy professionally.